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Short Story "The first graffiti" - Referat

The first graffiti

„Man, Jesse! Wake up, you fell asleep!“ „Oh man,, do we have to go?“ Michael just nod his head and Jesse got up from the old couch in the living room of Michael's flat. He had to cough because of the smoke of their cigarettes they had smoked before. „Can you turn on the light? I can't find my gloves.“ Michael turned on the light and Jesse had a look under the couch. While he turned his head, he saw Sammy who was ready to go. He was standing in the door with a big smile in his face, but Jesse also noticed that he was nervous because it was the first time he joined the crew.
Jesse, Michael and Large knew him from many rap jams in their town. Sammy wanted to learn what the crew was doing and he became Michael's student. Now Michael thought that he was good enough to join them.
„Fuck, I can’t find my gloves“ „You can have mine“, Michael responded to Jesse „We have to go now, the last underground leaves in 15 minutes!“
He knocked at the door of the toilet and shouted:“ Clarence, Clarence, come on! We have to go“
„Fuck you, man, Shut up! I'm coming.“ Large didn't like it when someone called him by his real name. Then he opened the door, took his jacket and his backpack and said: „Let's paint the town!“
Michael opened the front door and they went down on the street.

In the underground they repeated their plan for the night.
Michael wanted to spray a house in the centre and Jesse had to help him with the colours. Large and Sammy had to keep lookout for the police. Michael always repeated that they were one of the best crews in town and that their pieces had to be good to keep their fame.

While they were sitting in the underground Sammy remembered how it all began. First he had heard rap music, had gotten to know new friends, had learned a lot about Hip Hop and liked everything in this culture.
He also had a rap crew with two other friends. In their music they were taking the shit out of themselves. Sammy liked graffiti more than rap, because it was an anonymous business. He liked that because he was small, had red hair and freckles so he looked cute under his cap and the big clothes.
Now the day was there. His first time. Now he was one of the crew. He smiled and looked out of the window.

It was cold, when they moved out of the underground, too cold for June, but the Moon was shining bright. They walked five more minutes to the spot
they wanted to bomb. Far away there was the sound of a police car that gave Sammy the creeps. Michael threw away his cigarette, Jesse took out their head-masks and they pulled them over their heads. Large and Sammy walked on the sidewalk and gave them a sign that nobody was there. Sammy was lucky that it was clear night and that they were able to look that far so that they had enough time to run away.
Now he heard the sound of the spray cans and smelled the paint. His heart worked faster and he had to turn his head to Jesse and Michael. He was surprised how fast they were working. They nearly had finished the background and the fills of the letters. Sammy breathed deeply and was happy that they could leave in a few minutes.

Suddenly one window of the house was opened and a man was screaming to them. Sammy was able to feel the adrenaline running through his whole body. He looked to Michael who took a stone from the sidewalk and threw it to the drunken man who wasn't able to move away. The stone hit his head and he slowly swooned.
Then they ran away, first into the bushes, from the bushes over the railway, from the railway into the city where they stopped and sat down.

Sammy couldn't trust his ears when he heard that Michael was proud of what he had done. They also could have run away without knocking out an innocent man. He was almost in tears and he got shirty with Michael, who was laughing all the time.
Then Sammy went up, just said shortly „See Ya“, walked away and decided, that he would never do this again.
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