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Shopping in London - Referat

Shopping in London

In London there are a lot of shopping streets where you can enjoy a long shopping trip. There are about 30.000 stores and 26 street markets.
The busy Oxford Street with more than 300 shopping malls is the centre of the “shopping paradise” of London. Selfridges is one of the world’s finest department stores and dominates the west end of the Oxford Street. The shop has six floors offering two exhibition halls and countless services.

Regent Street is another important place where you have an outstanding choice of designer stores of the mid price range.
If you want to go shopping along the Bond Street you’ll have to take a lot of money with you. It’s the most exclusive shopping street.

Covent Garden Market is one of the most important shopping malls of London. You can find very shrilly and modern designer clothes. There are delicatessens, too.

Camden Lock Market is one of London’s top visitor attractions and most popular open-air market area. It’s open seven days a week. It offers an individual and extensive range of high quality goods from arts, crafts and clothes to accessories, pubs, food and furnishing.

Harrods is one of the world’s most famous stores, established in 1849 as a humble grocery store employing two assistants. Today, it offers everything from fashion, food, sportswear and 20 in-store restaurants serving every kind of cuisine from pizza to sushi. Must-see sights include the Food Halls, the Egyptian Hall and the Pet Department. At night the store is illuminated by 11.500 light bulbs.

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