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Sheffield - Referat


Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England which is 368 squarekilometer and is in the middle of Great Britain. It belongs to Yorkshire; Sheffield lies next to Manchester and in the north of Nottingham. 531,100 people live there, which are described as down-to earth people who say what they think and they make you feel welcome with a good sense of humour. By 1700 it was the main cutlery town in England and in the 18th and 19th century steel became very important for the Industrial Revolution, the town Sheffield grow in size and more and more people of their neighbour towns
moved to Sheffield. Sheffield needed workers for the Industries. In the Middle Ages iron ore used to make cutlery and farm tools. Now there are excellent places for teenagers, many places for sport, there are two major football teams and like in every large city there are a good mix of historical and modern new buildings and sights. But there are problems like homelessness, pollution, graffiti, teenage drinking, crime, vandalism, rubbish, old steelworks make the city look so boring to the visitors and teenagers are sitting on street corners getting bored. Now Sheffieldis still a major British producer of steel, cutlery and machinery. There are beautiful combinations of hills and valleys and modern roads but major shopping, sports and cultural centre are in South Yorkshire.

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