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Sehenswürdigkeiten von New York auf Englisch - Referat

Famous sigths in New York

- the largest city in the USA
- on the east coast of America
- live 7,5 mill. people
- one of the most important and famous cities of the world
- city has world-famous sights and places
- for example Broadway, the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and so on
- want to introduce some sights of New York to you

- is a street, which begins in Manhatten and ends in the Bronx
- commercial street with financial centres a. large department stores
- most famous part of Broadway, Theatre District with 36 theatres
- best years in the 1920s
- since the 1970s many theatres have closed down, costs of producing too high

the Statue of Liberty
- female figure, which embodies liberty
- one of the tallest statues of the world
- 46.3 m high and it weighs 225 tons
- very huge, even the nose is 1m and 40 cm long
- right hand holds aloft a torch
- left hand carries a book in which is inscribed the date that independence was declared
- was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi of Alasce -> a present from France

fifth Avenue
- divides Manhatten’s East an West side
- famous for its expensive stores e.g. Cartier, Gucci, Tiffany’s

Central Park
- huge Park in the centre of Manhattan
- has got an area of 3.4 sq km
- was opened in 1876
- there are lakes, ponds and gardens and a zoo
- many ways to explore the park:
can take a horse or a buggy and ride through the park

Times Square
- busy square in Central Manhattan
- was named after the New York Times
- famous for its band of electric lights
- is the beginning of the Theatre District of Broadway

The Chrysler Building
- one of the most beautiful skyscrapers
- can’t go to the top
- can admire it from other points of the city

Brooklyn Bridge
- suspension bridge spanning East River from Brooklyn to Manhatten Island
- 486 m long
- was an immense difficulty to build it
- chief engeneer was John Augustus Roebling
- son Washington Roebling took over this work as a chief engineer
- died in an accident when they
started to build the bridge
- after some problems the bridge was opened in 1883

the Empire State Building
- was built in the late 1920s
- has got 102 floors
- is 381m high
- was tallest building of the world until the World Trade Center was built
- every year millions of people visited the Empire State Building
- has been featured in over 90 films, ranging from King Kong to Sleepless in Seattle
the World Trade Center
- consisted of a complex of six buildings around a central plaza in Manhattan
- was famous for its twin towers
- 411m tall
- designed by Minom Yamasaki, completed in 1970
- were tallest building of the world
- were destroyed by terrorists on 11th September 2002
- died thousands of people
- now, an architect from Berlin will build a new W.T.C.
- will be six towers, which will be combined

Ellis Island
- is situated about one mile southwest of Manhatten Island
- was the immigration reception centre
- the ancestors of 40% of all citizens came through Ellis Island
- before immigrants were allowed to enter the United States -> had to go through immigration process
- often -> names were changed e.g. Schmidt became Smith and Leischauer became Lewis
- some immigrants had to spend several months on Ellis Island or were sent back to their countries
- Ellis Island closed in 1954, later was restored as a museum

This is the first skyscraper of New York
- name Flatiron Building
- was build in 1902
- at first the New Yorker went a big curve because they were scared, it could fall down by the next gust

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