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Schottland - Referat


Scotland is in Great Britain, noth of the island

It consists of three island groupps with 186 little islands
and of course the mainland. it have 78 080 quadratkilometers,
The coast is about 3700 kilometer long.
The inhabitant-number is about 5,1 Million.
The biggest city is Glasgow and has approximately 580 000 inhabitant.
The Scots speak english, but few ( about 100 000) can speak scotisch-gälisch, too.(a keltisch language)
the capital is edinburgh (450 000 inhabitant) an economical and cultural centre.

scotland have three division:

The highlands have a little colonization and its lots of refer to spalt and gorge
They have the most and highly survey ( 300 about 900 m)
And they have lots of streep-cliffs, moorheathplateaus, mountenlakes and fast flowing streams.

the central lowlands have the biggest population of scotland.
it has lots of hills.

the southern uplands have predominant little plants.

Loch Lomond is the biggest lake, the longest river is the tay.
Mildly winter and cool summers.
at the coast:
Januar: average 3,5°C
Juli: average 14,4°C
in Edinburgh:
Januar: average 3,5°C
Juli: average 14,5°C

approximately 15 per cent scotlands have a wood

the wildcat and a fisheagle are animals they lives only in scotland
and other animals lives here, too.

the scots are either Lowlander or Highlander.

the holidays are:
Neujahr (1. Januar)
Tag der Arbeit (1. Montag im Mai)
Frühlingsbankfeiertag (letzter Montag im Mai)
Augustbankfeiertag (erster Montag im August)
Weihnachtstag (25. Dezember)
Saint Andrew’s Day
the famous sportarts are Curling (Eisstockschieße) and Golf
bagpipe are tratitionel scotisch music.
the most radio- and TV-program will produziert at england but scotland has one privat TV-program and other radio-programms
additional have it 17 "Daily" (Tagszeitung) and 120 weekpaper.
more than 75 pro cent of scotland are for farming but it's land for animals and other plants and it's to the same part.

mainland - Festland
gorge - Schlucht
refer to spalt - Spalte
Daily - Tagszeitung
predominant - überwiegend

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