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Sarah Michelle Gellar - Referat

My report about Sarah Michelle Gellar

This is my presentation about Sarah Michelle Gellar. At first I tell you The Introduction. I chose this topic, because Sarah is my personal hold. I think she is pretty and a very good actress. Sarah is exemplary, because she helps the poor children in Africa and sick animals all over the world.
Sarah is a very famous TV-star. She acts in “Buffy”, the serie which made her so famous. In this serie she is a vampire slayer. At first a other woman was provide for playing Buffy, but she thought that she can´t get a famous actress with this serie. It was luck for Sarah. Sarah is a very small and thin person. She is only 1,55 metres and have only 45 kilos.
My sources are articles in magazines, like Bravo and Yam, the internet address www.sarahmichellegellar.de and on the TV the serie “Buffy”.

Now to the Main Part. At first I give you a short summary about Sarah´s life. Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on April, 14th 1977 in New York. She have a three-year-older- sister. Her name is Rebecca. When Sarah was eight years old, her parents got divorced, because her father took drugs and he was unfaithful to his wife. On October, 11th 2000 her dad died when he was sixty years old, because he tool an overdose of drugs. Sarah didn´t like him. In March 2000 Sarah met Freddie Prinze Jr. and on 1st September 2002 she married him. They did it in the “El Careyes Beach Resort Hotel” in Mexico. Both worn white clothes. Sarah and Freddie want to have a family. Sarah said that she wants to make a working-break and get babys now. In 3 to 5 years she will continue.
Now I give you a short summary about Sarah´s career. Her career started when she was four years old. She sat with her mother in a café when a advertising film producer come and cast her spontaneous for a Burger King commercial. When she was older, she acts in some US-soaps, for example “All my children”. For this serie she got a “Emmy” in 1995. In 1996 the first “Buffy”-episode come in the TV and Sarah´s way to get a big star, begun. I´ll
tell you something about Buffy. Buffy is a 19 years old vampire slayer, goes to the college and found, after a tragically romance with a vampire, a new love in a student. As suddenly her little sister appeared, the mood is mysterious. Sarah makes 85 % of the action-parts herself. She gets 750.000 $ for each episode. In 1999 , 2000 and 2001 she got a “goldenen Otto” in succession for her part in “Buffy”. She was the most popular female TV-star in those three years. She also acts in cinema films like “I know what you had done last summer” in 1997, “Scream 2” also in 1997, “Icecold Angles” in 1998 and “Scoopy Doo” in 2002. In Scoopy Doo she acted with her husband Freddie.

Now to the Ending of the presentation. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is a very nice and admirable person. I like her so much, because I think her part in “Buffy” is very interesting. In my opinion she is a good actress. Sarah is enviable, because she is pretty, rich, nice, everyone likes her and she has married a very lovely and nice man.
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