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Söhne Mannheims - Referat

Söhne Mannheims

About the Band
At the beginning they were friends , who wants to make musik and have fun. They played in the kitchen ot in the garage of their parents.
Nobody of them think about money or be famous with the musik.
They sing about the real life, dissensions and dreams. All this are the basics of their songs.
At the End of 2000 the first album of them with the name Zion has been relesed. The new album of them are Nozi and the life Album Power of the Sound realesed 2005.They became for these Albums 2 Cometen. At the first time the band asset of 17 members.Today they are 15 members they are cuts in 6 topics:
1. Singer:
• Tino Oac
• Claus Eisenmann
• Xavier Naidoo
• Henning Wehland
• Michael Klimas
• Marlon B.
• Metaphysics
2. Dj:
• Billy Davis
3. Keyboards:
• Michael Herberger
• Florian Sitzmann
4. Drums:
• Rald Gustke
• Bernd Herrmann
5. Bass
• Robbee Mariain
6. Gitarre:
• Andreas Baylees
• Kosho

The Textes
The textes of them told us about the problems and the done in the World.
They want to tell us that we can change something in the World.
The most textes were written by Xavier Naidoo and Claus Eisenmann.
The musike wich they make are German soul.
The most famosut Song of them are Meine Stadt this song is about a men who went back in the town where he was born. I think its a beautiful song and wherever i hear that song i must think at Mannheim (the town where i was born and life).
As I was on the konzert of them the feeling was wunderfull.
But in the year 2006 they make no konzert as Söhne Mannheims because everyone goes on solo!

Xavier Naidoo
At the end the famoust Singer of them is Xavier Naidoo he is a solo singer too.
he is born on 02.01.1971 in Mannheim and today he lifs in Mannheim.
At the next time he realesed a new Album.

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