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Rumours about the resignation of Schumi - Referat

Now I begin with my part and tell you something about some rumours about Schumacher, which are going around the world.
Whatís formula 1 without rumours? Only a sport! That anyway already narrow title fight between Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher is additional heated by rumours.
The team Renault scoffs at Michael. But they become more and more primitive. The technology guru Pat Symonds of Renault calmed Alonso by team radio. He said:Ē Donít worry. The poor, old man named Michael is only sixth. Fernando and Pat laughed about it and even the Renault boss knocked the technician strong on the shoulder.
And even in the garage of Alonso hangs a movie poster by Pirates of the Caribbean. At this poster, the head of Michael sticks on the place where the head of Orlando had been. Below it, there is a sentence like:Ē You never bring a knife to a gunfight, Michael.Ē

It also started a rumour that Michael Schumacher stops with driving after his 6th title gain with Ferrari. In an interview he said that he couldnít hear the topic any longer and that he continues to drive, as long as Ferrari gives him a fast car.
But he announced his resignation after the race in Monza.

Now, where Schumi lies 10 points back, Renault boss Flavio Briatore hypocritical compassion. In an interview he said that its so terrible that Michael Schumacher canít win his 8th world championship. 2 weeks before they run him down and meant that Schumi didnít deserved this world championship title.

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