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Round the World in Eighty Days; Jules Verne - Referat

Round the World in Eighty Days is a classic adventure novel written by the French author Jules Verne, first publishes in 1873.

Jules Verne was born in the Western France in 1828 as the oldest of five children and was soon sent to a French boarding school. Many of his popular teachers in school and university may have inspired Verne a lot to write his famous books such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon and of course Round the World in Eighty Days which are all adventure stories.
After a shot in Verne’s leg by his nephew and the death of his beloved mother, the author started to write darker and sadder works.
Jules Verne finally died in 1905 at his home and was buried in Amiens. His last novels Invasion of the Sea and The Lighthouse at the End of the World were published by his son.

Jules Verne is the second most translated author of all time, only behind Agatha Christie and some of his famous works have also been made into films.

Phileas Fogg is a rich and fine-looking English gentleman, living in London without a wife or children. Nothing is known about him except his exact and regular habits. As a member of the Reform Club, an organisation in which gentlemen who are voted as members can spend time for a yearly charge, he never leaves London and seems to have no business or trade.

Jean Passepartout is a young Frenchman who had many trades like singing in the streets or being an acrobat or dancer. After leaving France he is now searching for a quiet and regular life and hopes to find this as Mr. Fogg’s new sevant.

Mr Fix is a thin, impatient little detective sent by the English government.

After a bank robbery in 1872 which took place in London, the members of the Reform Club are discussing how long it would take the thief to travel round the world with his stolen fortune of fifty-five thousand pounds. Mr. Fogg bets about twenty thousand pounds with the other gentlemen that he is able to go round the whole world in only eighty days. He starts his journey at the same day, the 21st December with his servant Passepartout and a passport as evidence. But soon a detective called Mr. Fix follows Mr. Fogg in order to arrest him as the thief of the large amount of money. In India the men safe a young woman named Aouda from being offered
to the gods and take her with them on their trip. The whole journey of the honest Mr. Fogg is full of complications and problems but he and his brave servant can always find a solution to get on. They are able to travel around at a great speed, only using steamers and trains but nature sends rough weather to stop the men. Passepartout once gets lost because of Mr. Fix who tries hard to put an end to the whole story and neither Mr. Fogg nor Auoda are able to find him. Because of this Mr. Fogg misses one of the steamers and has to buy an own boat to continue. Than Indians attack a train with more than hundred passengers, among them Mr. Fogg and his companions and it takes them a long time to fight against the natives. Mr. Fix now recognises that the real thief is arrested and taken into prison and that Mr. Fogg is just a quiet and rich man who never did something against the law. The whole bet seems to be lost when the group of travellers reach London five minutes after the arranged time. Mr. Fogg started his journey towards the east and because of this fact he won one day by the time difference. So he gets by time back to the gentlemen of the Reform Club and is able to evidence them his theory. After all Aouda asks Mr. Fogg to marry him and the marriage takes place as the ending of the whole trip.

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