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Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare - Summury - Referat

For generations there is a feud between the two Veronese families Capulet and Montague. Romeo, the Montagueís son, met Juliet, the Capuletís daughter on a festival from the old Capulet. They have seen each other and from the first moment on, they fell in love and the most famous pair of lovers was created.
The friar Laurence has married them secretly. He hoped the two families would make peace after the wedding. But Romeoís life took an unexpected turn. Tybalt, Julietís cousin, had begun a fight between the Capulets and the Montagues. He has killed Romeoís friend Mercutio and than Romeo killed Tybalt. Romeos punishment was the banishment of Verona but for him it was worse than dead. Juliet forgave him and they spent their wedding-night together.
After this very short night, went Romeo with a heavy heart to Mantua, outside Verona. Soon after Romeoís leave, Julietís parents wanted her to marry Paris, an admirer Julietís. In her desperation she went to friar Laurence and asked him for advice. He gave her a sleep drink, which she can drink and after that she seems dead for 42 hours. In that time, while she is sleeping, Romeo can come and take her to run away with her in another place. She had taken the drink and on the next day, the day of the marriage, the Capulets thought their daughter was dead. The letter, which should tell Romeo about Julietís plan, didnít receive Romeo. Instead of it, he got the message, that Juliet is dead. In his desperation, he had bought a poison and went to Juliet. There he first killed Paris in a fight because of Juliet and while he was crying above her, he drank the poison and died next to his love. Outside of the tomb the friar Laurence arrived, who was informed that Romeo didnít get the message, and saw the dead Paris and Romeo. Juliet woke up, has seen her love above her, dead, and she killed herself with Romeoís dagger. The friar Laurence tells the Capulets and the Montagues the hole story about Romeo & Juliet and from this moment on, the families lived in peace and without any fights.

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