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Ritter (Knights) - Referat


A knight is a fighting man with special privileges.
They had a long way to becoming a knight.
When a boy turns six or seven he is sent from his home to a near by castle.

At first he had to be a PAGE. He had to help the knights
For example: He had to make the horses if a knight has to fight and to help his lord, dress and put on armor.
For his education a page had to play many training games that include: wrestling, piggy-back wrestling and sword practice.
A page rarely ever learned how to read or write because it wasn´t very knightly. He learned how to hunt and hawk.
He was taught to be quick, graceful and flexible.
He received religious lessons from the chaplain.

At about 14 years old the page became a SQUIRE.
A squire is a knight´s personal servant. He also helps his knight in battles.
A squire played games with real weapons against real knights and he learned to ride his horse while keeping his weapon arm free.
Now he was allowed to carry a sword and a shield.
His shield showed what rank he had achieved. After 4 years of experience a new knight would be “dubbed”. That means they knighted him.
Before a squire was knighted he did lots of things in preparation.
He should pray all night, he prayed without sleeping and eating and when the morning came he had to take a nice warm bath.
Then he put on his special clothes and his page helps him.
He took his white tunic and the colour white stood for peace.
He knelt before his lord. Then the lord would say: “I dub thee, Sir Knight.”
Then the new knight would receive his sword, lance and golden spurs.

Knights existed between the year 800 a.d. and the year 1450 a.d.
Knights were great men of fighting until guns and canons replaced them.
Now knights have become almost a legend. Today we can see knights in movies or books.

1) What is a knight?
2) Was it hard to become a knight? Why?
3) Where can we see knights today?

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