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Richard Nixon - Referat

My assignment is about Richard Nixon.
At first I tell you something about his Live
Richard Nixon was born on the 9th January, 1913 in California. The names of his parents were Francis and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. His parents were very strict. Nixons father had a store in which he sold food and petrol. Nixon had four brothers. Richard Nixon visited the Fullerton High School. The Harvard club of California lent him his price of the best academic achievement in the whole federal state. Then Nixon visited the Whittier college. Nixon was a big football fan. He played with the university team, however he was almost only on the bank. In 1934 Nixon finished the college as a second of his final-year class and began a law study to Duke University who lent him a scholarship. Richard Nixon broke with a friend in the office of the dean. However, they were not punished for it. In his law study Nixon also showed very good achievements. In 1937 he got to know his later wife Patricia Ryan. She was a High School teacher in Whittier. On the 21th of June, 1940 he married Patricia Ryan. In the second world war Richard Nixon was in the navy. Richard Nixon learnt to play poker as a naval officer. At the end of the second world war he won 10000 US dollar.
The second part of my assignment is about Political rise
In 1946 Nixon was chosen for the Republicans in the congress. His opponent was the liberal politician Jerry Voorhis. In 1951 he became a senator for California. The newspaper Independently Review gave him the nickname Tricky Dick. Nixon was from 1953 to 1960 a vice-president of the USA. In the presidency choice in 1968 he asserted himself against Hubert H. Humphrey and was chosen the 37-th president of the USA. At the 8th August, 1974 the Watergate affair led Nixons to the resignation. The biggest challenge which he found with his assumption of office was the Vietnam war. Nixon had to see that this war was not to be won. Under Nixon the USA also gave up in 1971 the golden redemption duty of the US dollar. Richard Nixon died on the 2nd April 1994 in New York City.

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