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Report on Meera Syal - Referat

Report on Meera Syal

Meera Syal is an actress and a famous writer. She grew up in the Englisch Midlands. Her parents came from Asia and they were the only immigrants in the small village. In the hollidays Meera often went to Asia with her parents. She thinks education is a gift, because many children in Asia can't go to school and they must work hard the whole day. "I loved to go to school," she said in an interview to English G 2000. After school she went to university and studied Drama and English. Today she is a famous writer for books and filmscripts. She wrote a book called "Anita and Me". It's a story about a young Indian and her friend Anita. She wrote a lot about immigrants and their problems with racism. "There's a lot of Meera Syal in Meena Kumar," she said to English G 2000. She got many prizes for the wonderful book "Anita and Me" and for her film "Bhaji on the beach".

When she went to school she had big problems with the english kids. They thought she was a monster. But once she fell down on a bottle and she was bleeding. Then the other children saw her red blood and they noticed that she was a normal girl.

Meera Syal is a strong woman who has overcome the racism.
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