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Religions in the UK - Referat

Religions in the UK

General Facts:

- great religious unity
- most persons protestants
- total membership about 7 million people


- John Knox -> leading scottish religious reformer of 16th century
-> founded "Presbyterian Church" -> established church of scotland
- "Presbyterian Church": - rejects episcopal form of church government
- replaces a democratic government by elders
- enjoy equal status
- 1921 Church of Scotland Act confirmed complete freedom in all spiritual questions

Northern Ireland:

- christianity traditionally came to Ireland in 432
- Ireland became Christian in short time
- The Celtic Church laid great stress on scholarship
- many manuscripts originated in Irish Church and Celtic crosses are reminders of early Irish
- at the Reformation the Church divided
- political and religious identities began to be intertwined from about 1640
- no established church in Northern Ireland -> was disestablished in 1870
- Christianity in Northern Ireland -> traditional + conservative


- no established Church in Wales
- less than 5 % of the population as members
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