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Größte Religionen in USA (Selbstidentifikation, 1990)
Religion Geschätzter Anteil an Erwachsenenbevölkerung
1.Christentum 86.2%
2.Keine Religion 7.5%
3.Judentum 1.8%
4.Agnostiker 0.7%
5.Islam 0.5%
6.Unitarier Universalisten 0.3%
7.Buddhismus 0.4%
8.Hinduismus 0.2%
9.Indianische Religionen --
10.Scientology --

I explained here are two intresting kinds of religions:

The Amish people are a hard Christian community. They live like the people 300 years ago. The Amish escaped around the year 1720 to America, today they live in the USA, Canada and a few Amish in Africa. Most Amish people live in Dutch-Country, an area in Pennsylvania. The children haven’t got a Game boy or TV, they play tag together. And that people don’t have a fridge or a oven. The Amish people have their own language, a kind of old German. The Amish people haven’t got a church, every week the whole community meet at an other living-room. Those people don’t have pictures or coloured clothes. Most Amish families have ten children. All children go 8 years to the school. After the school time they help her parents at the farm. And with 18 or 20 years the people found their own family. For a short time the children can live a normal life with computers, TV, alcohol, drugs and so on. But then the children must decide between a Amish life or a normal life. Most of them decide for a normal life. Sometimes an Amish family has a normal newspaper, that’s their connection to the regular world.

The Islam is the 4th biggest religion of the USA. The word Islam means ,,surrender in god”. Allah is Arabian and means ,, the god”. In the Islam there are two main-groups, the Sunniten are 90% of all Moslems and the Schiiten are 10% of all Moslems. The star and the half-moon is a typical symbol for the Islam world. The believers of the Islam are Moslems or Muslime. The believers meet in a Moschee. The most important holy shrine is the Kaaba in Mekka, the second important shrine is the grave of the prophet Mohamed and the third important is the dome of the rock in Jerusalem. The five columns of the Islam are: 1) the belief report (Schahada) 2) every day prayer (Salat) 3) the poor tax (Sakat) 4) to fast at month Ramadan (Saum) 5) pilgrimage to Mekka (Hadsch). The Moslems believe that the Koran is the word of god. In the Koran god has a lot of different names e.g. the only one or the incomparable. In the Koran there are 99 different names for god, the 100th just god know alone. The Koran is about god, fast, pilgrimage, drink and food, about marriage and divorce and alms. The Moslems believe that it takes blessing when you read the
Koran in Arabian. Moslems pray five times a day: in the morning, in noon, at afternoon, after sunset and before they sleep. Moslems pray on a carpet and always turn to Mekka. The founder of the Islam is Mohamed, with 40 years he has a meeting with the archangel Gabriel. And god appointed him as a prophet.
live after death:the last bar decide between paradise or hell
founder:prophet Mohamed
texts:the Koran and Hadith
most important holy shrine:the Kaaba in Mekka


The Mormons are Christians. There are several Mormon-churches, e.g. the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattera-day Saints. The base for all Mormons is the book Mormon. The book Mormon is about the history of the discovery of America and ideas of the bible. The bible isn’t important for the Mormons. The Mormons abstain. They don’t drink alcohol, not coffee or tea, they don’t smoke and have no sex befor their wedding. In Salt Lake City there is a temple with six towers, it is a holy shrine for the Mormons.
The founder is Joseph Smith. In 1827 Smith saw an angel with the name Moroni. The angel showed Smith the way to the place where he could find the texts of the prophet Mormon. Then Joseph Smith wrote the book Mormon. And in the same year in 1830 Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattery-day Saints.
The Mormons believe that all people live with god before they are born. And during their life on earth everyone has the possibility to become like god.
godt:here are several gods, father, son and the holy spirit are tree different gods
founder:Joseph Smith
texts:the book Mormon
important holy shrine:temple in Salt Lake City

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