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Today I am going to tell you something about Istanbul. First I will begin with the geographical position of Istanbul, after that I tell you something about the history. Afterwards I will say something about the culture of Istanbul. And last but not least I will show you some sights. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and it is located in northwestern Turkey within the Marmara Region on a total area of 5,343 square kilometers and it has about 12 mio. Inhabitants. The position of Istanbul is very interesting; even it is located in two continents, Europe and Asia. In 330 BC Istanbul was called Byzanz. From 330 to 1930 it gets the name Constantinople and takes the name Istanbul since 1930. When Istanbul still was called Byzanz, it was a Greek colony town, but 196 BC it was destroyed by the Romans and later it was rebuilt by the Roman Dominion. In 330 the Roman emperor “Konstantin the Great” reigns. To honor himself he renamed Byzanz to Constantinople and made it to the capital of his empire. 1453 the Ottoman conquered the city and made it from 1455 to 1923 to their capital. In the year 1930 it was been renamed to Istanbul. When it’s about art and culture, Turkey has to provide a treasure and is extremely rich in tourist attractions such as archaeological collections, historic buildings and world famous museums. For centuries, various peoples were living in this country with different religions. In addition, there are six universities in Istanbul, Research Institutes and numerous museums. The Hagia Sophia was a Byzantine church, where the emperors have been crowned. It was built by the command of Justinian the first. After the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans in 1453 the church was converted into a mosque by attaching four minarets among other things. Since 1934 the Hagia Sophia is a museum. Another famous and popular attraction is the Sultan Ahmet mosque even called “Blue Mosque”. By the six minarets, the mosque is unique. With the allowance to built a bigger, more beautiful and more important mosque as the Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet`s architect has designed and built the Sultan Ahmet mosque in 1616. Istanbul is also famous by the Bosporus Bridge, who is nearly 30 m above the Bosporus. The 1560 meters long bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. All in all Istanbul is a great city you have to visit. . Thank you for interest. . Are there any questions ?

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