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Red Bull - Referat

First of all I would like to give you some background information about Red Bull:
Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz and Thai businessman Chaleo Yoovidhya founded Red Bull GmbH in 1984. In 1982, Mateschitz traveled to Thailand and met Chaleo, owner of TC Pharmaceutical. He found that the energy drink Krating Daeng, developed by Chaleo's company during the 1970s, helped to ease his jet-lag. After seeing market potential in the drink, he partnered with Chaleo in bringing it to Europe. They also agreed that Mateschitz would run the company.
Between 1984 and 1987, Red Bull modified the formula for Krating Daeng to better match European tastes by carbonating the beverage and making it less sweet. In 1987, the company introduced their adapted energy drink into Austria under the name Red Bull. It found huge success there by marketing to young professionals. The brand expanded throughout Europe during the early 1990s, exploding into the United States market during 1997. Today Red Bull employs over 8,000 people and is world renown for their advertising campaigns and the slogan "Red Bull - Gives you wings".
Dietrich Mateschitz, who owns half of the company, is an Austrian businessman and was born on 20th of May in 1944 in Sankt Marein in Mürztal, Styria. His parents were both primary school teachers and separated when he was a young child. Today he lives in Salzburg, but also owns a little island of Fidschi. Although never married, he has a son. Mateschitz built up the Red Bull business and his net worth, as of 2012, is estimated to be US $5.3 billion.

Red Bull is the largest energy drink company in terms of market share and volume sold. It's headquartered in Fuschl am See, an Austrian village of 1500 inhabitants near Salzburg. Red Bull Energy Drink is available in 166 countries and offers 4 different Products: the original one, the sugar free-version, Red Bull coke and Red Bull shots.
Here you can see the ingredients of Red Bull.
In the pie chart you can see, that Red Bull is market leader with 4 products in 166 countries. Followed by Monster, that offers 30 different products in 47 countries, and Rockstar, who have 15 products placed in 28 countries.

The marketing communication of Red Bull is very special. On the one hand Red Bull places some advertising spots on TV, on the other hand they are renown for their sponsorship on sports/sports events/sports teams and especially extreme sports or stunts. Also sport ownership is very important. This way they are able to catch many people of their target group.
Now I am going to present some of these things.
I think all of you have heard about this extreme jump, or even have seen it. Red Bull Stratos was a space diving project involving Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner. On 14 October 2012, Baumgartner flew approximately 39 kilometres into the stratosphere over New Mexico, United States, in a helium balloon before free falling in a pressure suit.
He broke 3 world-records:
The first
one for the highest-altitude-jump, the second one for the fastest flight of a human and the third one for the highest ballon trip

Red Bull Airrace is an international series of air races in which competitors have to navigate a challenging obstacle courses in the fastest time. Pilots fly individually against the clock and have to complete tight turns through a slalom course consisting of pylons, known as "Air Gates". It was established in 2003.
Now a short video.

Red Bull Flying Day is an event organized by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly home-made, size- and weight-limited, human-powered flying machines. The flying machines are usually launched off a pier about 9.1 meters high into the sea. Now another video.

RedBull is in the Formula 1 since 2005 and arised from the Jaguar Formula 1 Team, which was put up for sale in September 2004. So Mateschitz bought it. There are 2 teams now: Red Bull Racing and Torro Rosso, both sponsored by Red Bull.
For those who don't know: The Formula 1 is the highest class of single-seater auto racing.
While Red Bull Racing was the number 1-team in the last four years and has won the construction and the driver world championships, Torro Rosso is more a racing-team for younger drivers to establish themselves in the highest class of motor sports.

Of course there are further sports, like Football or Ice-Hockey, where Red Bull teams are also quite successful, at least throughout Austria.
For example Red Bull Salzburg or Red Bull Munich at Ice-Hockey and Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Leipzig or Red Bull New York at football.
That was my presentation about Red Bull, I hope you enjoyed it.

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