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Reading Log Coast to Coast - Referat

Reading Log

Chapter 1)
In the first chapter we got an introduction to the history of the book. His Dad always told; the Heaven is like the Australian Beach. Copper talked about; he only has one year left at the school. After that, he wants fly to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Copper found an unconscious Person. He didn´t woke up and show no reaction. He got panicked. He breath deep and done a lot of first aid stuff. He was checking his pulse, but can´t find him. He ripped the boy up. He needs to get some blood back into his arms. Also, he needs more Oxygen in his brain. After a moment, he finally waked up, and asked: “Where I?”. Copper answered: “You´re in Australia, mate. You´re going to be fine.”

Chapter 2)
Copper talked about his fear in the night. He can´t sleep, in his opinion, it´s too dangerous. When he falls asleep, he wakes up immediately. He lives with 30 older men in a tent. From 11pm to 1am, he always going on a walk, because the air is fresher and the camp is quiet at the end. Outside, in the coolness of the night, he searched for a solution, to solve his problems. He never finds one. He asked a lot of other people. Then he got it, his name was “Bashir”. A boy form Afghanistan. He spoke a few words of English, not much, but enough to say, he´d been on a boat and that the boat has sunk in a storm. He doesn´t know, what he has to do with an illegal immigrant, that washed up on a beach in Australia. He asked him: “Are you hungry?” ... but he didn´t understand him. Then he used his hands to do pantomime. Bashir nodded: “Yes. Hungry.”. Then they went to Joey´s. Copper bought him some spare ribs and chips with lot of ketchup. He eaten very fast, so Copper stopped him a little bit. Copper went home and packed a bag, full with fresh clothes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, his old sleeping bag and also a milk. He also gave him a can of spam and a tin opener. Also, some biscuits. Her parents don’t get anything.

Chapter 3)
In the third Chapter he begins with a little talk about animals. In Australia are many animals, he doesn’t know. Scorpions and crabs, which come into our tents at night. When the snake was in his tent, he tried to don´t panic. Sometimes, he put a snake in to his tents, to scare us. Then he talked about the school next day. He waited, that the day go over, too went to the beach. He wants to have fun and make a party after school. The Time was so long. The teachers´ voices sounded like faraway echoes. Everything he wrote was like someone else was writing for me. The only person Copper talked was Kate. In the morning, he went to Kate and said: “I need to talk to you.”

Chapter 4)
A couple of days ago a woman from RPC 3 gave birth at the local hospital. They brought her back to the camp at this day. With her baby. Her baby got born in an Australian company. So, he is an Ausi? After this school day, Copper went home to get more food. No one was at home, so he could move around the house freely. He grabbed a sport bag, and filled it up to the maximum. At the moment, he leaved the house, his Dads voice shocked him. He asked, where would you like to go, with this big bag? Cooper know, he hasn´t any chance to get away, without answer his dad. With a pause instead, he said: “I went to beach”. Dad asked: “With Graham?”. At this moment, Copper hesitated. “No, Alone”. Dad stepped into the kitchen and looked at the bag. “What´s that?”. Then he said, he went to Kate and do some school projects. Kate is always his best alibi. Because Dad loves her. Then he asked Copper, if Kate needs bananas. Copper looked at the bag and saw a banana sticking out of the open zip. Then Dad asked, if he drink. Cooper answered unfortunately, No!

Chapter 5)
Sometimes, there house has no water there. There is no drinking water, no water for the showers. When they take a shower, the guards tell us, we have only one minute left, to wash. The water trickles out of the shower so it is not possible to wash your whole body in the time they give you. Always, when more people came, the place even get dirtier. He lives in the RPC 2 Camp, which also known as Bravo Camp. RPC stands for “Regional Processing Centre”. RPC 1 is where the people wo works here live. They have their offices there. There is the medical facility and our canteen. RPC 2 is, where all the adult men live, men who tried to come to Australia on their own. RPC 3 is for families and children. When he arrived in Nauru, no one believed me that he is seventeen. They said, “You have hair on your lip! You look like a man!” Then he told him, he has hair on his lips, for two years. They live in large tents, dormitories with lines of beds. When you go in there, it smells horrible. A mix of wet clothes and food. It took his eyes a second to adjust to the darkness. Copper saw his watch on the floor. He picked it up and looked at the time. The hands had stopped at a quarter past ten. He went outside. Above the sea, thin clouds stretched towards the horizon. The beach was empty. A few seagulls were flying above the mangrove trees.

Chapter 6)
At this day, he hopes, to come back into his normal life. The tent, where I am staying has air-conditioning. The walls are very thin. At the camp, they hadn´t private space. He tried to hide the sadness inside his hearts, but this little girl, she saw it immediately. He talked to her, he aren´t sad. He is just alone. A few days after, he meets up with Bashir. Bashir knew, how to prepare a fish even without the right equipment. He took the lid from the can of spam and used the edges like a knife. The fish´s scales fell away like the petals of a sun-dried flower. When he was finished, he lit up Dad´s Primus stove, which he´d found at the back of the hut. Bashir used the empty can of spam as a frying pan, pressing the fish meat into small rectangles. Copper asked Bashir, if his day was good. While Bashir cooked, he replied: “Your day?”. Then Copper pointed at him. Noo. Your day. You. Here. Today. Everything okay? Bashir nodded enthusiastically, Yes, yes! He seemed much happier than the evening before. Copper asked him, where he had learned to fish. He answered: “In Pakistan, at a River”. It´s a long story...

Chapter 7)
Today, he saw Saba again. She came out of her tent looking sick. Her face was pale. Her eyes were like two black holes in her skull. He asked, what´s wrong with her. Shoe could not answer. She was too weak to speak. He took her to the medical facility. He pushed her to the front of the queue. People shouted at him, but he ignored them. Saba was so weak; she could hardly walk. The doctor examined her and said, “She has an infection. She must drink lots of water.” Always they say this to us when we are ill. Always the say we must drink water. A few days after this day, it going better for Saba. Kate joined Copper after school. When they got to the hut, they could smell the aroma of fried fish wafting through the mangrove forest. Fortunately, the wind nearly always comes in off the sea, so the smell of Bashir's cooking never made it to the Surf Life Saving Club. Bashir went all shy when Copper introduced him to Kate. He couldn´t look her in the eye. He shook her hand and asked her to take a seat. He had rolled up his sleeping bag into a cushion and found a wooden crate for a table. He lit a candle. The hut almost felt homely. Copper wants to his father, but he knows, they would kill me. He paused for a moment as If wondering if he had doing the right thing. Hide or help. Then the bomb alarm goes off.

Chapter 8)
Copper saw people change in this camp. He saw them when they come here. He also sees them forget who they are. They cannot sleep. They lose their appetite. They have no will. Their souls become empty. They fall apart. He sees it every day. Saba does not understand what is happening to her family. Every night she hears her mother cry. She asked himself, why is my mother crying? Her father often gets angry. Yesterday he hit his youngest son. The older son, the one who is only a few months older than me, he gets into fights with other boys. The men in RPC 2, they fight all the time. They fight because they are angry. The fight like a protest. But his island is deaf. There is no one here to listen to them. Children cry, parents shout, but no one can hear. Today Saba asked, how long he have been here. He thought about lying, but then he told her, the truth. Two months.
Then she answered: “I will not survive here for two months.” She has only been here for two weeks and already surrenders. Kate asked on the way home: “What are we going to do?” He shrugged his shoulders. He can't stay illegal here, Copper said. Copper and Kate became experts in secret operations. Copper took Bashir´s clothes home regular. Kate took a bunch of audiobooks like “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings”.

Chapter 9)
Saba came running into his tent today. She was crying. She would like to go away from here. Saba said, she must go and see him for myself. After she calmed down, I left her in my tent and went to her family romm. Copper found her father lying on his bed, his hand over his mouth, his shirt red with blood. His eyes were closed, but I could see from the movement of his chest that he was breathing. Saba´s mother was sitting next to him, rocking to and fro, crying. “Water!” she said. “Get me water!” He ran to the bathroom and filled a bottle with water. Saba´s mother took the water and washed away the blood from her husband's mouth, cleaning his face and neck. It was only then that he saw what he had done. Black thread criss-crossed his lips. His mouth was sewn up. Dad asked, what are the guys doing here. Usually that would have been enough to kick off. Dad asked Bashir, what his name are. Bashir glanced at Copper nervously. Copper gave him a nod. Then Bashir said, my name is Bashir. Bashir? The guy that went to school with my boy? All guys thought, they will be no way out of this situation. Then Copper talked to his dad. No, Bashir is from Afghanistan. I found him at the beach. The silence after this sentence was stunning.

Chapter 10)
News of Saba´s father spread through the camp like fire. Other men joined the protest, mainly from RPC 2. they sewed they lips together, refusing to eat or speak. Their friends said they would only stop their protest once they were heard, when someone finally listened to them. But who will see their protest? They don’t have telephones here. They even don’t have internet. They cannot film these men and send their images out into the world. There is one guard here who is nice to him. His name is Stuart Thompson. Mister Thompson is from Brisbane. He says hello to him when he sees me. He gives me a smile. He thinks, he is a good man. Today, he came up to hi mand said: “Don´t you do it.”
In his speech to him the wort “hope” often falls. There it was again, that word, like a distant echo is growing quieter and quieter by the day. Then we went home. Dad was on the phone, when Bashir and Copper came out of the hut. It sounded like he was talking to Mum. He hung up as soon as he saw us. He went up to Bashir and held out his hand. On the speaker was a man, his name was Matthew Jackson. Short Matt. Dad didn´t try to smile or be friendly.

Chapter 11)
Today, Saba went to school for first time. The Australian made a deal with the Republic of Nauru to let the children go in their schools. Saba was so excited about going to school again. “This is the beginning of a new life.” she said, as we waited for the teacher to open the gates. “Soon they will let us out of here. Soon we will go to Australia and I will study and go to university one day.” He saw that light in her eyes. She was nearly to cry. He was also excited for Saba. All day he waited for her to return at school. Suddenly, the guards bring her back to the camp. Saba eyes was filled up with tears. She cried: “I never want to go back there again.” The teachers do not want us there. The children hate us. We had to sit at the back of the class all day. Nobody spokes with them. At the break, the classroom children said to them, they are dirty and smelly.

Chapter 12)
Today a politician from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection came to see us. He was a tall man in a black suit with grey hair and glasses. He walked around the camp with a group of guards and other men in suits, sweating. He inspected the tents; he inspected the toilets. He ate the food from the canteen. The guards told us beforehand, “You have to be on your best behaviour today! Don’t even think about making trouble!” As if they would cause trouble! The guards are the ones with sticks and guns. They do not want to fight. We came here to get away from fighting. People here were full of hope about his visit. A real politician was coming to see them! A man who can make decisions. A man who can listen. Of course, they are going to be nice to him!

Chapter 13)
The camp burned last night. He was lying in bed, when he heard men shouting. “Nauru Guantanamo! Nauru Guantanamo!” they chanted. This is what some people call it here. The voices grew louder and louder. I went outside to see what was going on. There were buildings on fire. Tents were burning in RPC 2. the guards stood outside, armed with riot gear. The men broke down the fences, picking up stones and pieces of metal, and disappeared into the night. The guards could not stop them. There were too many of them. He thought of the protests he saw in Pakistan. There were often demonstrations on the streets of Quetta. Every demonstration began with chanting and ended in violence. There was tear gas. There were bullets. There were dead bodies in the street. “Nauru Guantanamo! Nauru Guantanamo!” Why do the men do this? They will achieve nothing. What is the point in escaping? There is nowhere to go. You cannot leave this island.

Chapter 14)
Sabas family only have a Temporary Protection Visa. Saba will leave the island. Her family will go and live in Papua New Guinea. Her boat landed on Christmas. The Christmas Island belongs to Australia. This is the place where her family wanted to go, so that is where her family applied for asylum. But Australia will not have them. Papua New Guinea is a free country. Her family known a manager there. They will be safe there. Saba is more scared of living in Papua New Guinea as staying in the camp. She knows nothing about the place. He asked: “You study in Papua New Guinea?” In the following days, they make a debate. The debate was just coming to a close when there was a scuffle at the back of the studio. The stage lights blinded him, so he couldn´t see anything at first. He heard someone shouting. Dad stopped talking mid-sentence. The interviewers spun around on their seats to see what the disturbance was about. A shadow emerged from the darkness. It was Graham´s dad. Dad took a step towards him. “Mr Barton?” he said, unable to hide his astonishment. “is everything all right?” graham´s dad looked terrible. His hair was a mess. His eyes were red. He was crying. “Bullshit, that´s what this is!” he shouted, waving in Dad´s direction. “Don´t you listen to him! Nothing he says is true!”

Chapter 15)
Saba´s family left the camp today. The guards gave them two plastic bags to pack their belongings. They came with nothing. They left with nothing. Just a few clothes more. He went to the gate to wish them goodbye. Saba told him: “I will miss you”. He answered: “I will miss you too.” “You must be strong”, she said. “Remember, you survived the sea....” “...so, I can survive anything.” Saba smiled. “I will think of you always,” he told her. “Your memory will give me strength. Good luck!” This little girl with her brilliant bright eyes, who had left her home months ago, was the strongest person he knew. “I want you to have this,” she said and pressed something into my hand. She closed his fingers around it, wrapping it into the palm of his hand. Mum and Dad are no angels. They´ve had their rows before, but the mood at home had never been as bad as this. The strange thing was, they didn´t even argue. There was no shouting or door slamming, no raised voices or accusations, Dad said that Mr Barton had lied, that the story was different.

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