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Rage against the machine - Referat

Prasentation about rage against the machine

At first I tell you something about the members of the band.

The band rage against the machine have got 4 members. The members are zack de la rocha as lead singer. At the guitar tom morello. At the bass tim commerford. The drums plays brad wilk.
Rage against the machine is a crossover band of metal, hip hop and funk. They were a band from 1991 til 2000.
Zack was born on the 12.january.1970. tom was born on the on the 30.may.1964 in new york city. The person on the bass was born in 1968. the drummer was born 1968, like the bassist but in portland oregon.

Now I tell you something about their discography

The band were recorded 5 albums. For example evil empire or battle of los angeles. The have played the song for the movie matrix reloded. Some songs of rage against the machine are tire me, killing in the name of, vietnow, sleep now in the fire and born of a broken man.

Now you hear something about their awards

The have won to grammies in their carrear. In 1997 as “best metal performance” with the song tire me. In 2001 as “ best hard rock performance” with the song guerilla radio.
But they were often nominated für any grammies.

At last I tell you something about their future

The members had been offered for many money to reunite for concerts and tours. This year they played on the coachella music-festival as headliner. After this performance they are going with wu tang clan (a hip hop group) on tour. After this tour the four members don`t know what they will do next.

This was my prasentation about the band rage against the machine!!

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