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Racial violence - Referat


Lynching is a type of self-justice called Lynch Law. It is justice without any law and right. The term Lynching means mostly hanging a person. The lynched people were hung up very high and presented in public for intimidation. The process of unlawful kills as punishment is named after a few People in History who take Lynch as their past Name. One of them is Charles Lynch, who lived from 1736 to 1796. He lived in Virginia in the 1780s. In 1782 Charles Lynch wrote that his assistant had administrated the Lynchs-Law for „dealing with the negros“. Lynching was in the United States a usual way of justice from so-called vigilante groups. After the Civil War of the US from 1861 to 1865, Lynching was a popular way of intimidation against Afroamerican people. The lynching was often done by racist Groups like the Ku Klux Klan and other white peoples mostly from the south. According to the Tuskegee Institute and the Equal Justice Initiative there died about 4400 people after Lynching by racial Groups between 1877 and 1950 in only twelve states. Sometimes the people made postcards with pictures of lynched persons for Fun and intimidation. At the backside of this card was written: “This is the barbecue we had last night, your son Joe.“ Some History scientist say that the random lynching of thousands of coloured people was the first step of self-justice and police violence which we can see still today. Arica Coleman, a Historic scientist too, said that the murder of George Floyd on the 25th of May in 2020 was a modern way of lynching.

The red summer was a period between Winter 1918 and Autumn 1919. It was a period where racist terror and riots raged in 37 countries. It was a period filled with racial violence, lynchings and other racist attacks. After a lot of white people moved into World War One, there was a huge lack of workers. Northern Companies came to the south to recruit thousand of coloured workers. That was the beginning of a huge movement of coloured people from the south to the north to get work.

About 500 Thousand people moved to the northern industry states to get a job. Coloured people took a lot of jobs from the white people. They also get used as a strikebreaker. When the white workers are
on a strike to get more money or better working conditions, the Companies hired coloured people and the strike gets useless. Due to this, the white people got even angrier about the coloured people. After the revolution in Russia in 1917 the scare about bolshevism gets higher and higher. The riots against coloured people became more and more. In March 1919 President Woodrow Wilson said, that the negro is the most important mediator between bolshevism and the U.S. . After Wilsons speech the riots became even more and more. After the speech the coloured people weren't only a lower class of people, they supposedly also help the enemy from the view of the white population.

Even today, especially in the USA, you can often see and hear about racially motivated attacks, assaults and other crimes. Mostly these are white people who want to harm coloured people, often with Afro-American roots. In general, blacks earn less and go to jail more often. Dark-skinned people are also often disadvantaged when it comes to job placement.

Racial segregation is even today a huge problem and should be fought. The verdict against George Floyd's killer Derek Chauvin was a good step in the right direction and I think it's not a hopeless fight.

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