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My report about ROMAN BRITAIN

1.0 How and why the Romans came to Britain?
They arrived in 43 after Jesus with elephants and 20.000 (!) soldiers in Britain.
The sons of the British king Cunobelin planed a resistance and their people met the roman soldiers in Rochester.
Consequently it ended in a fight, which took two days and the Britains were repressed to the Themes.
One of the british leaders, Togodumnus, was killed, but his brother, Caratacus survived to continue resistance elsewhere.
Nonetheless the Romans won this fight in the end.
2.0 But why were the Romans in Britain?
2.1 England`s mineral resources The English landscape is very differently, in the south of England the ground is very rank and a little bit hilly, in the west are low mountain range and in the north low mountain rage and long grasslands.

2.2 Roman realm
The roman realm governed and seized most of the european countries, because the Romans were very powerful and have much soldiers. In the ancient world the roman imperators were the most important men in the world…

2.0 But what have the Romans done in England?

2.1 Architecture The Romans instilled the English people into building with stones. They build houses, walls, roads and housetops.

2.2 Gastronomic culture Around 2000 Years ago nobody in the old England knows spicery. And if nobody cooked with spicery the food was very, very bland.

2.3 Protecting for Scots Wild Scots depredated many villages in old England,so the roman imperator Hadrian let build Hadrianswall from 122 to 128 after Jesus. To keep out all the wild Scots.

3.0 And now I want to talk about marks they left:

3.1 Buildings The english people were building their houses with wood and straw again, when the Romans have left England in the early 500 Century after Jesus.But this was not clever, because then the houses can burn, think only to the great fire of London on the 7th September in 1666, which was the handiwork from a little fire from a baker and housetops out straw.

3.2 Religion Before the Romans came, the English people were religionless, but they were learning from the Romans about the Christians and so are today almost all people in England Christians.

3.3 Names The Romans have give the towns, where they were roman names like Londinium and today some of them sounds akin to them… I will give you some examples: London -> Londinium/ Dover -> Dubris/York ->Ebroacum/ Manchester-> Mamucium/ Liverpool-> Ratae/ etc.

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