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R.Kelly - Referat

In 1991 R. Kelly signed his contract with Jive Records.
At the beginning of 1994 R. Kelly’s first top hit was
“she’s got that vibe“. Four singles were distinguished with platinum. Three of the tracks are: “down low feat. Isley“,
“I can’t sleep baby“ and “you remind me of something“.
His style of music is inspired of gospel. He wrote and produced Michael Jackson’s world hit „you are not alone“.
R. Kelly placed a milestone of the pop history with
“I believe I can fly“ in 1997. The single were sold over five million times world-wide. His song became a hymn of hope in the new millennium. Afterward the top hit
“gotham city“ followed out of the “Batman Forever“-Soundtrack. At the beginning of the year 1999 he started a duet with Celine Dion (“I’m your Angel“).
R. Kelly had more than 40 hits in the 90’s – more than any other male solo artist (“the storm is over“, “I wish“):
In June 2002 Kelly was arrested because of child pornography. The FBI had identified him on a sex video with a person under age.
Against a bail of 750.000 dollar he became released.

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