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Pygmalion Act 2 - Referat

Act 2

The Act 2 of George Bernard Shaw`s book “Pygmalion” deals with the arrival of Eliza Doolittle. She is a poor flower girl who wants to be a lady that works in a flower shop.
At first Higgins, who has his profession in teaching the perfect language of the high society, does want to teach Eliza. But then after a long discussion with Pickering (another professor) and the maid, Mrs. Pears, he says yes to the experiment. Higgins now has a bet with Pickering: Eliza shall be a lady, Higgins shall teach her everything until in six month. When Higgins wins the bet, then Pickering will pay everything (the lessons, cloths and so on).
After explaining this idea to Eliza and her agreement, the experiment starts. After some time Eliza`s dad, Alfred Doolittle, came to the house of Higgins and wants to have money and as it is time to go for Mr. Doolittle he sees Eliza in her new dress. Eliza is angry because she does like her father.
So after this excitement the lessons for Eliza can begin. Higgins has different “homeworks” for Eliza for example she shall say the alphabet until it sounds perfect. So this act is the begin of Eliza`s new life.

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