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Public schools - Referat

Public schools

Itīs a private school for older fee-paying pupils, usually a boarding school, supported partly by endowments and managed by a board of governors.

Differences to comprehensive schools:
- you have to pay for going there
- just 7% of the children in the UK visit those schools
- they donīt have a national curriculum
- they often have better teachers because they are higher payed and so the class average is better, too.

You can go a whole private way, from the nursery over the pre- preparatory and the preparatory to the public school.If you want to go there you have to write and pass the common entrance exam.You mostly finish the public school with an A-level.After that you can go to a university for higher education.

In former times public school were only for sons of the upperclass.

They are schools for elite and their aim is the education of leader qualities for state and economy.
Additionally to the classial subjects like Greek, Latin, English and maths there is a special value on sports and games to support social education

- was founded in 1440 in Buckinghamshire
- its buildings are of great architecture and sponsored by the crown
- there are about 1200 boys visiting Eton
- they all wear a school uniform

Eton is famous because a lot of members of the royal family went there, for example Prince William and Prince Harry.

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