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Problems of the youths - Referat

Problems of the youths

More or less every youth has his own problems. I think most of them just have problems caused by their selves. For example some are nervous and really look forward to smoke the next cigarette. They really think they need to smoke as soon as possible. Or they want to meet with friends next weekend and really worry about the money they spend to get drunk.
Some of the pupils would name things like these for problems they have. But there are reasons why they do this and these are the real problems. In my opinion pupil who smoke want to define their selves and their social position. Some want to be different from their parents and do this because their parents donít want them to do so. Others see their parents and every one of their friends around them smoke. So what should these kids think? For them itís normal to smoke because everybody does and it maybe would be hard to be the only one in a group of friends who doesnít smoke. If we say nobody of the friends force the non smoker to come along with them, there is a dynamic in a group that you behave like the others. I think this is especially a problem of the lower class. You can see much more smokers at lower schools then at the gymnasium. Maybe they have a stronger will to say no or they take the dangerous more serious then the others. Problems of alcohol are caused by the wish of forgetting all the problems for one moment and relax. Pupils want to brake out of the regularly of the week. Want to have fun and feel free.
Other problems for some pupils are that they canít come along with the pressure school keeps on them. Itís very difficult to come home from school at 5 oíclock and then do the homework for the next day. Or they get discriminated by other pupils because of their look or behaviour. Not every pupil is so self-confidence that he can ignore others. Of course this is only
possible, if you have other friends because everyone needs social contacts and you can not develop an own identity if you are have no friends who form you.
Some of the adolescents donít have enough money to buy what they want to so they steal from others in school to get what they want or maybe they just want to have ďfunĒ and took something from someone they hate just to annoy this guy.
Of course in the upper classes this becomes less because you learn in school to be social to others but in form 5 and 6 it often happens that something is missing.
In the end you could say school causes a lot of trouble. So better donít go to school!
Or do you have a better solution? ;-)
I think have, so I wish you a successful new year.

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