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Present tense & Present perfect - Referat

1) The present tense
simple:I always take lots of pictures when Im on vacation.
Mrs. Ford drives to the city centre in her car.
He describes a huge white whale and tries to kill it.
progressive:Dont move.Im taking a picture of you,
Our baseball team is playing quite well this year.
She is taking her husband to the airport.

The simple present is often used for habitual actions with adverbs or adverbial phrases like always,never...
The present progressive describes what is happening at the moment and is not yet over.

2) The present perfect
simple:Ive cleaned my bike.
Have you brought the map with you?
progressive:He has been living in New York for 2 years.
What have you been doing all the time?

The present perfect simple expresses that an action which started in the past is linked with the present.
The present perfect progressive stresses an action in the past which goes on in the present.
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