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Pope Benedict XVI - Referat

Pope Benedict XVI

I want to tell you some interesting feets about the most famous german at the moment: pope benedict XVI, fomer known as Josef Ratzinger. His character is described as friendly and open for new ideas. He ist well known for his liberate sense to other religions, and his will to reform the catholic church.

- 1927: Josef Ratzinger is born on April 16th in Marktl am Inn. His father (Joseph) was a policeman and his mother ( Maria ) was a housewife.
- 1939: He went to seminary in Traunstein
- In 1974he began to stady Theology and Philosophy
- He was ordained a priest on June 29th 1951 together with his brother
- 1962-1965: He participated as chief theological advisor to cardinal Josef Frings in the second Vatican Council
- He became a chair of Dogmatic theology at the university of Tübingen and left the university during the student uprisings in 1968
- 1977: He becomes Archbishop of Munich and Freising on March 24th and he is made cardinal of Munich on june 27th
- 1981: Josef Ratzinger becomes prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith
- After the death of pope Johannes Paul II, in 2005 Josef Ratzinger was elected pope ans adopted the name pope Benedict XVI
- He chose the name because of pope Benedict XV who lead the catholic church during World War I.
- He visited Germany on August last year. He visited also his old house in Pentling aswell as Regensburg and the house of his perhands in Marktl am Inn.

Pope Benedict XVI is the fist German pope since more than 500 years. All Germans ase proud that after such a long time a German became the pope.
On April 16th 2007 Benedict XVI celebrated his 80th birthday, with a few german guests, and used the situation to present his new book “ Jesus Christ from Nazareth”

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