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Politik in Us(Englisch) - Referat

Politics In US

Head of states : Consituzional monarch
he/she is bound by rules and convention
role is politically impartial
tasks: sign bills
open the coming parliamentary session--> delivering a speech( in autumm)
Time: legislative period: 5 years
Parlliament agreed to devolve power to regionl assemblies in Scottland, Wales and Nothern Ireland

Politics in US

Government in US

Declaration of Independence ( 1776 )
Constitution ( written in 1787 )
Constitution guarantees a separation of powers
seperate branches: legislative ( Congress)
exicutive ( Administration)
judical ( Supreme Court)
system of checks and balances --> to montain a balance of powers
each state has his own constitution
own branche headed ( Governor )
own state laws and courts
congess consists of to chambers: Senate ( Leader Vice-President+100 Senators(2of ea st)
House of Pepresentatives
Senate are elected for a 6 year term
H. of Re. has 435 member ( elected every two years)
Number of member of each state is based on the size of population
Haed of executive branche and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces is the President
tasks: appoint the Cabinet
appoint the Trasury Secretary
appoint the Interior Secretary
appoint the Defense Secretary
appoint the Attorney General

Presendential elections

serves a 4 year term and may only remain in office for two terms
must be american citizen, born in US and over 35 years old

Six Stages to the Presidential election

Stage 1: - decide to run for President

Stage 2: - Primaries+caucuses decide whioch delegates will represent the state
at the national party convention

Stage 3: - Delegates for each state choose the the party's presidential nominee

Stage 4: - Election day= Tueday after the first Monday in November in leap year
- Voter don't vote the president but they vote for presidential electors,
who have pledged to vote for a particular cnadidate

Stage 5: - december--> electors meet in their stae capitals to cast their votes and
officialy choose tzhe next President

Stage 6: - new President is sworn in January 20 at the Inauguration Ceremony,
where he/ she delivers the Inaugural Address

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