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Plastic Surgery - Referat

Hello and welcome to our presentation! We are going to tell you something about a very actual topic in our century: about plastic surgery. I don’t know if everybody knows the term ‘plastic surgery’. As an explanation: plastic surgery is another word for a cosmetic operation on your body. First of all I would like to show you the topics we are going to talk about. At the beginning we are going to tell you something about plastic surgery in general. Then we would like to talk about the motives, why people want to change their bodies. We also would like to show you different procedures which you can do and as an example we are going to show you a breast reconstruction. In the end we are going to talk about the risks of cosmetic operations. Now Sophie is going to tell you something about plastic surgeries in general.

Nowadays you can see in every magazine or on TV stars with ‘perfect bodies’. But very often you can see that hardly anything is natural. Women augment their breast and their lips; they lift up their face, do liposuctions and so on and on. But do they really look still good after so many operations?? I think this picture says enough… _photo_
Now you have seen an example for somebody, who has done an operation and I’m sure, that some of you ask themselves why people do something like that!
That’s the next question we have asked ourselves and Melanie is going to try to answer it now.

I’ m sure that most of you think that plastic surgery is just for beauty reasons. But in real life, there are two different reasons why people want to change their body.
One of them is for sure just for beauty, but the other one is for victims of accidents. They are very often seriously injured and they need the help of plastic surgery because they want to look like a normal person again. For those people it is necessary to do an operation, because they can’t live a normal life any more. I would like to show you a picture of a man, who had had an accident. I do not think that he is able to lead a normal l life with his body. People will always look at him on the street and for him an operation is for sure very important!
But of course there are also thousands of people, who just want to have a for example smaller nose. I would like to show you some pictures of such people and I ask you to decide if they are really nicer after the operation. _photo_
That was something about the motives of plastic surgery and now Sophie is going to tell you something about the different types of operations you can do.
I’m sure that anyone of you is able to tell me some different types of cosmetic operations. The most know are for sure breast augmentation, liposuction, or any facial procedures, such as Brow lift, Face lift or nose reshaping.
The different types of operations are written (=gegliedert *g*) in three topics: - the facial Procedures (nose reshaping)
- breast Procedures
- and body procedures (liposuction)

Now we would like to show and explain you the procedure of a breast reconstruction!
Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure usually designed to reconstruct the breast of patients who have had breast cancer. Depending upon the patient, there may be several different options for breast reconstruction. We are going to show you the most often used operation: The autologous with implant technique.

Autologous tissue is tissue taken from another part of your body. This animation shows a breast reconstruction that is performed at a later date than the mastectomy. Sometimes a breast reconstruction may take place during the mastectomy.

An incision is made along the previous scar and dissection is carried down through the tissues to the chest wall.

Tissue from the abdomen or the back is dissected from its normal location and rotated into the mastectomy site to re-create the new breast. Important blood vessels are left attached and intact to provide blood to the tissue.

_photo 5_

An implant is placed underneath the autologous tissue to increase the size of the reconstructed breast.

_photo 6_

The nipple and areola are reconstructed with either local tissue and tattooing or a skin graft from your inner thigh.

I think such operations like breast reconstruction are very good for women. But of course there are also many risks if you do such an operation!

One of the biggest risks is that you have a doctor, who does not care about the health of his patients. There are for example many women, who have big problems with their backs, because of breast augmentations.

Another problem is that many women do not have enough money to go to a ‘good’ doctor. So they go to a doctor, for example in another country, who often does not operate under hygienic circumstances.

In many cases you have scars after the operation or the doctor makes a mistake and you look uglier than before the operation. Very often women do not like the result of the operation.

Although it sounds strange, many people say, that plastic surgery is like a addiction. The best example for that is Michael Jackson. _photo_

That’s the end of our presentation. Thank you for your attention!

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