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Pisa - Referat


Pisa is a city in Italy, situated in Tuscany near the mouth of the Arno in the Ligurische lake. Besides, in the Middle Ages and in the early modern times it was a city state (republic). Pisa is a capital of the province Pisa and has about 90,000 inhabitants. Landmark is as a skew tower of Pisa known Campanile. Beside a big university the Scuola also have normal Superiore and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Úlite colleges of the Italian state, her seat in Pisa. The atmosphere and liveliness of the city is stamped by approx. 40,000 students who put out almost half of the inhabitants of Pisa. On the other side this leads to the fact that the city if the university company rests, looks as extinct, because the biggest part of the students no constant Pisaner are. The city centre applies more than four historical city quarters, from the railway station in the south up to Piazza dei Miracoli (place of the miracles) with the skew tower in the north. Centre of the historical quarters San Martino, Santa Maria, San Francesco and Sant'Antonio is of the Ponte di Mezzo, the central Arno bridge. Because most tourists go not far away from the skew tower, one finds in Pisa one of the cities of Tuscany which has remained rather original and real. If one goes away only few hundred metres of the tower one sees winding lanes, bars and typical in pisaner to the yellow painted houses which allow to still foresee the former wealth of the city.
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