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Pirates of the Caribbean - Referat

Pirates of the Caribbean Death Man’s Chest

Today I give a talk about Pirates of the Caribbean Death Man’s Chest its the second part of the triology.

The film begins with the arresting of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner shortly before their wedding ceremony. Lord Cuttler Beckett will kill them because they helped Jack Sparrow to his escape. What Beckett really wants is Jack and his magical compass. He tells Will to search for both and then he and Elisabeth will be free. And so Will searches for Jack. At the same time visits Bootstrap Bill, Jack on the Black Pearl and tells him that Davie Jones wants to keep his promise. Thirteen years before Jones raised the Black Pearl from the ocean floor and made jack her captain. In exchange Jack must now serve aboard the Dutchman for 100 years or face Jones´ leviathan, the kraken. Will finds Jack and tells him that he needs the compass because he wants to free Elizabeth and safe her from death. Jack agrees to give Will the compass, if he helps him to find the key that leads to untold riches and the Dead Man’s Chest containing Davy Jones beating heart. Whoever is owner of the heart controls Davie Jones and the oceans. (Because of the kraken) Back at sea the Flying Dutchman meets Jack and Jones wants Jack, who wants to give Wills life instead of his own. But Jones wants 100 souls within tree day for Jacks freedom. But before Will leaves the Black Pearl Jack tells him, that he must search for the key which will open the Dead Man Chest. At the same time Governor Weatherby, Elizabeth’s father frees her. And she is searching for Will. Elizabeth lands in Tortuga where she finds Jack recruiting sailors in a pub. A fallen James Norrington also applies. On the ship Jack tells Elizabeth the secret of the compass. It pointes to what the holder wants most in the world. Jack tells Elizabeth that he cans only safe Will when they find the chest. On Isle cruces, Jack, Norrington and Elizabeth find the chest. Will who has escaped the Dutchman with help from his father, Bootstrap Bill arrives with the key. Will wants to use the heart to free his father, Jack wants to destroy
it to free himself and Norrington has his own plans. He wants to steal it and give it to Lord Beckett who wants to get the heart to control the ocean, in the hope, that he gives him back his old status. A three-way duel begins. Norrington manages to escape with the heart. In the meantime Jones´ crewmen wants to save the chest because Jones realised, that the key was stolen but they find it empty. Now the Flying Dutchman is chasing the Black Pearl because Jones wants Jack Sparrow!!!
Jones tells the kraken to destroy the Black Pearl with Jack Sparrow. Elizabeth realises that the kraken is only hunting for Jack and so she kisses him while handcuffing him to the mast. The crew can escape and the big beast drags Jack and the Black Pearl to a watery grave. The crew seeks for help by Tia Dalma, a voodoo priestess, who asks them if they would sail to the World’s End to rescue Jack. When they agree, she says the will need a captain, who knows those waters and this is no other than the formerly dead Captain Barbarossa.

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