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Pink - Family Portrait - Referat

- To me means the song that families need to stick together, and without each other we can’t do anything.
- When everyone is fighting around you, it makes a big influence on you and your personality.
- When Pink says, ‘It aint easy growin up in World War III”, I think she means that it’s hard to grow up when everyone is fighting around you.

I also think that when she says “I don’t want love to destroy me like it did my family”
she means that she doesn’t want her family to separate, and break apart, because of her parents fighting.

The phrase “Remember that the night you left, you took my shining star,” I think it means that when her family separated it broke her heart.

- This song really shows the message that life is better when you have a family to love and count on.
- I chose this song because i know that kind of feeling when parents separate
- This song explains what life is like without a family to be there for you, and how lonely you feel.
- In the song, Pink shows that you can get so lonely and afraid that you run away.
This song gives a message that it is important to work together, and not fight at home because your home should be the place where you should always be safe.


- Pinks parents divorce when she was 9
- she is not coped with it and start writing poems about her life
- she begins smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs
- got her first tattoo when she was 12
- on her mothers instruction she had to undergo a therapy in age of 14
- finished school in the 10th grade (only 16 years)
- same time she was thrown out by her mother because of the lifestyle she was living
- works in a fastfood truck and begins to write songs about her situations
- went to live with her father
- pink formed a band
- was discovered by a label and her singer career began


- The name Pink is based on several personal experiences from childhood
and teenage:
- When she visited a summer camp at the age of 8, a boy baring her abdomen.
- She blushed because of shame, the boy cried loudly "Look at that pink girl!".
- Years later, she saw with friends to the movie "Reservoir Dogs". Through the character "Mr. Pink "was the memory of the childhood experience awake again and she was only by her friends called" Pink ".
- Later, they decided to adopt this name for themselves.


- The pop r&b Song "Familiy Portrait" written by Pink
- takes from her Album "Miss Understood" in 2002 describes the pain of a girl who lives in a broken family .
- When Pinks mother heard the song she realization of the pain that she caused her children.
- written in slanglanguage
- 7 stanzaz

"That was from a poem that I wrote when I was 9 when my dad left. My mom cried for four days when she heard it. I've seen my dad cry three times and that was one of them; that was awful. And then my stepmom cried. She's so strong - she was an Army nurse in Vietnam, and I'd never seen her cry. That was a song I wrote for me, and I didn't realize how much it was going to hurt them." Postet by Pink

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