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Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson - Referat

The pop song “Piece by Piece”, written by Gregory Kurstin and Kelly Clarkson was first released in the year 2015. The vocals for this song were provided by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson and Gregory Kurstin wrote about growing up and absent family members. This song portrays and describes the father of a child, who is absent from the family, and how someone else takes over the missing father figure.

“Piece by Piece” begins with an intro of soft vocals singing the words: Piece by piece. It then combines a strong bass beat and Clarkson’s dominant voice in the first stanza, continuing in the chorus.

The first stanza concentrates on telling the story of how the father leaves behind his family, with his wife and his children, to live in another country or state. The father is no longer in contact with his family, as he left them “…all in [his] past…” (Verse 2). The abandoned child visits their father, but the father is not interested in seeing the child or taking care of the child.

As the first stanza, consisting of four verses, ends, there is a short pause of vocals and the listener hears a softer composition of piano keys and sounds. The chorus then commences with intense drumming patterns, joined by the strong voice of Kelly Clarkson.

The chorus tells the audience about how someone else helps the child to feel safe and wanted again. Someone, who could be a stepfather or the husband of the grown-up child, puts the broken pieces of the child’s life or self-esteem back together again. The child, which is also the narrator of the song, felt left alone and now found someone that “…never walks away…” (Verse 9) and loves the child for who it is.

In the second stanza, the child describes a situation, in which their father wants to be in contact with his child again after many years. The father’s “…words fall flat…” (Verse 15) and have no impact on his child. The child does not want the father to be a part of their life anymore and thinks that the father only wants to have his child back, because of the success that it has gained. This obviously tells the listener that Clarkson is the child and that she “…was worthless…” (Verse 18) for her father, before she became a famous singer and earned lots of money. After the chorus is repeated, the audience listens to a small piece of voice samples and Clarkson singing the words “Piece by piece” once. Her words here are performed at a high pitch. This gives the listener a feeling of confidence and strength, as it seems like Clarkson is singing about the bravery that she gained. It seems as if she is thanking the father figure that she found and telling her actual father, that she does not need him.

The chorus is then repeated again.
This time it changes a little. The words are different and for the first four verses there is no bass drum or cymbal, but only a few single notes from the keyboard. Clarkson is singing at a softer volume and is not making use of the intensity, which she can create with her voice. Instead of singing about her father figure picking up her broken pieces, she sings that she “…fell far from the tree…” (Verse 31) and that she will “…never leave her…” (Verse 32). The listener can now understand that the child from the song has grown up and has a daughter of their own. Clarkson sings that the grown-up child has learned from their father’s mistakes and will put their child first. As the fifth verse begins, the bass drum starts to play again and the intensity and strong, fast pace, which one experienced previously, greets the audience again. The child now tells their father that their child’s father will “…never walk away…” (Verse 35) and has showed them that “...a man can be kind…” (Verse 39).

One can also assume that the grown-up child has found their self-worth and will not leave their own identity behind and that the person that is going to put her first is their stepfather or partner in life.

The song ends with an outro of the song repetition of the words “Piece by piece”.

As I described previously, one can assume that Kelly Clarkson is the child and that she was left by her father and then found someone that showed her how important she is. I really enjoyed listening to this song, as I had forgotten about it and it described how it does not make one less worthy or less important, just because one is alone. The song shows how strong and confident one can become.

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