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Petrified Forest Nationalpark - Referat

Petrified Forest Nationalpark

- is located in north-east of Arizona
- size of area: 884 km2
- Petrified Forest means “Versteinerter Wald“
- has been a National Park since 1962
- the next city by the national park is Flagstaff
- divided into two parts:
- in the southern part is petrified wood
- in the northern part are colourful hills, which
are called “Painted Desert“

- Rainbow Forest Museum~> - there are featured
exhibitions of fossils
- Blue Mesa~> - one of the most beautiful sights
- because of the white to blue-grey
color of the rocks it is called Blue
- Crystal Forest~> - famous for wood logs, which have
formed quartz crystals in
natural cavities
- Newspaper Rock~> - you can see rock engravings of
anasazies there
- many trails (for example the Long Logs Trail and the
Giant Logs Trail)
- archaeological sites from 225 million year old
- to enjoy a sunset view from one of the overlooks are

- in the park
only backcountry camping
- several hikes in the Painted Desert Wilderness and
short hikes to various other sights are offered
- you can go hiking also alone in the park
- there are non-stop Trips through the park
- you can see the colorful hills and the petrified
- in the Visitor Center you can learn something about
the park
- outside of the Park are Rock Shops
- annually almost one million visitors
- open all year round (8am. to 5pm.)

- a part of the sites was explained to a National
Monument in 1906
- 1932 was a part of the Painted Desert added
- since then it included 378 km2
- 1962 was explained to a Nationalpark
- it was enlarged in February this year on 884 km2

- theft of parts of the petrified trees ~> monthly
loss is more than one tonne of petrified wood
solutions:- rangers check the visitors
- hard penalties, even prison for thieves

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