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Persuative speech against the DEATH PENALTY in the USA - Referat

Persuasive Speech against the death penalty

Today I want to inform you about a very, very serious topic. This topic deals with live and death. I want to give you my personal opinion as well as some basic facts against the death penalty in the USA that is still used as a normal punishment for murderers in many states - for example Ohio.

I think the death penalty is a very cruel, violent and in human way to punish a person.
For me it seems more as a revenge than doing justice.
It is not morally or religious excusable to take away someoneís life - no matter what he or she did.
Every one of you, who is Christian or maybe belongs to another religion is actually supposed to be AGAINST the death penalty - just like me - as it is a clear violation against the commandments in the bible. The 6. Rule says: Do not Murder.
Also, I really cannot understand, how the government can still enforce the death penalty, while it should actually have the responsibility to protect the society.
By trying to judge what the right action is and thereby deciding about live or death of a human being, the government plays god.
NOONE is able to be so sure and know what was and is right or wrong - and there is always -always - a chance that the person who is going to die is actually innocent.

By using death as punishment the government also impinges upon its own human rights: Article 3 of the human rights, established by the United Nations and signed by the USA says: Every human being has the right of live, of freedom, and of personal safety.
In my opinion the state should make better provisions against daily murders, rather than doing revenge afterwards.
Furthermore, so far, no studies could ever prove that the death penalty is scaring the people enough not to commit crimes.
In fact, there are even many states WITH death penalty that have less murders than states where it still exists.
- if you want to commit a crime
- f. ex. Terrorists

Neither has any study ever proved that persons who are guilty of murder will kill again. So, the death penalty is pointless and make no sense. The committer has no chance to rethink, probably regret his action, and start a better life in the future.

Donít you think like me? I can really not understand how there can be so much violence in this world, when it is sometimes so easy to prevent it.
Help make this world more fair. Be against the death penalty

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