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Paris Hilton - Referat

My paper on Paris Hilton

“Paris Whitney Hilton (* 17 February 1981 in New York town center) is an US-American photo model, actress and a Enterpriser.“
Paris Hilton the great-granddaughter of the hotel founder Conrad Hilton became by the Hilton fortune (1,4 billion US dollar) admits. By its frequently provoking occurrence and it draws the interest of the media to their shimmering life-style on itself and makes in such a way advertisement for itself. It marketed itself it created worth millions to undertake to base in that it. 2005 it be able on 360 million dollar - of 135 million dollar earn estimated.
„ Paris Hilton is the daughter of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards Hilton, former actress (Happy Days) and current TV with Producer (I want ton A Hilton). Paris Hilton has a younger sister, Nicholai (Nicky Hilton), and two younger brothers, Barron and Conrad Hilton.“
She visited the Canterbury School in Connecticut, the Burckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, and the Dwight School in New York. With 16 years the school terminated you. She began to work three years later than photo model and mannequin. After it had studied three and a half year impressive show technique with Sanford Meisner participated it also as besides Actor in some fewer well-known films. Over Fotomodel to become broke it off 2000 the High School, and had first successes. It became short thereupon a Paparazzie in the mini skirt only correctly does not admit photographed during it straight from a sedan rose whereby it underwear carried as it. The pictures of the rich and shameless Society Girl went around the world. The series of The simple Life in Paris Hilton at the side of its friend Nicole Richie the rural life on a farm in Altus/Arkansas became acquainted with the 2003 by the US television Fox was produced, became very successful.
„ The first bad ratingses snapped up, as a private Sexvideo with Paris in the public emerged."
Of your ex friend the Rick Salomon with the title "1 Night in Paris" as video and DVD was sold. Salomon was sued of Paris and got a subsequent participation in the profit. Nicky Hilton and its sister Paris are well-known in the public for their jet set life-style. One sees it frequent on fashion show, exclusive parties and film premieres. In addition, by their wild dear life they are often located in the center of the gossip press.
„ The phenomenon "Paris Hilton" goes so far that in articles and television reports on the most banal things one reports in detail; if it stolpert on a film premiere, drinks on a private party too much or its Chihuahua Tinkerbell is
too thick, that is worth exclusive messages."
Strongly disputed your naive one is, sometimes berechend working kind those the interest of medium positively tightens as also negatively. 2004 published it their book with the title Confession OF at Heiress: A Tongue in Chic Peek Behind the float whereby it around more or less seriously meant pieces of advice goes itself. For weeks it stood in the Top Ten of the best-seller list of the New Yorker Times. Then in May 2005 its long expected film "House OF Wax" appeared in that it as a larger supporting role to see is.
„ Their advertising appearances (among other things also for its new advertising partner GoYellow) excited however more attention than the film, that world-wide 64 million US dollar (52.68 million EUR) brought in."
Paris was sued at the beginning of 2006 by the ex friend of its ex-gotten engaged for ten million dollar payment of damages. It represented a common controversy in the media in a night club wrongly. In addition it was sued because of Stalking by its Eventmanager. It diffamiert it in the media and threatened. She got the golden raspberry in March 2006 in the category "worst besides actor" due to her bad actor achievement. After quarrels with its friend and series colleague Nicole Richie and broken in ratings was taken 2005 their reality to show "The simple life" by the transmitter Fox by the program. At the end of 2006 is to give to Paris and be supposed Nicole it a 10-partiel continuation whereby separately from each other as house clerk to begin.

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