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Paris Hilton - 2.Version - Referat


Paris Hilton is the daughter of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards-Hilton. She has a younger sister, the Nicholai Hilton is called (Nicky Hilton), and two younger brothers, Barron and Conrad Hilton.

Their school hours spent Hilton on Canterbury School in Connecticut, the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, and last on Dwight School in New York where she was a cheerleader. At the age of 17 years she left the school.

Three years later she began to work as a model and model. Beside the work as a model Hilton helped in some less known films than supporting actress. In 2000 she had the first success when it was photographed for the magazines GQ and FHM.

In 2003 Paris Hilton joined in in from the US television broadcasting station FOX TERRIER produced series The simple Life in which she got to know the rural life on a farm in Altus (Arkansas) at the side of her friend Nicole Richie. The ratings bad in the beginning improved, after a private sex video of her appeared in the general public.

Their ex-friend, Rick Salomon, had published the film under the title 1 Night in Paris as a VHS video and DVD. Paris Hilton sued Salomon and a participation in the profit was awarded afterwards her.
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