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Parents-Child relationship - Referat

Parents-Child relationship
A good parents-child relationship is a very complex topic, which divide the minds. When the child grows up to a teenager, many problems develop. Teenagers want to be free, they don't want to be determined by "senseless" rules of their parents. For them it's necessary to make own experiences and find out what is good and what is bad. Parents can't understand this mostly, they want to protect their baby of the "bad" world. They made also experiences, when they were younger and want to save their kids for the, in their view, worse things.
Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are greatly feared by parents, because they know the disastrous consequences of addiction.
In my opinion it is very important to give the teenager freedoms, to discover the world for themselves. Of course parents don't want to see their child's smoking or with alcohol, but if you have drunk too much, you know the very bad feeling the next day and learn from it. But if you only get a description of the feelings, you never learn responsible drinking and never know your own limit.
Itīs important for adolescent to know, that your parents support you and are always there for you. Because if you make bad experiences your parents should help you. In this age many young people have their real first love and whit that also problems develop, maybe the students neglect the school and also friends to spend more time with the girl- or boyfriend. With the first love comes the budding sexuality and they know the emotional side of a relationship.
This time isn't easy for the parents, because the child grows up to an adult, go through body changes and has mood swings. Every teen handles this different.

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