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Karol Wojtyla as a pope Johannes Paul II.
October 16th, 1978:
White smoke wells up from the chimney of the Sistine chapel. The rank oldest cardinal deacon, Pericle Felici, steps on the balcony of the Petersdoms and announces the names of the new pope:
Karol Wojtyla.

The first no Italian pope for 450 years

The Polish cardinal and archbishop from Cracow is largely unknown for the church people. He chooses the name Johannes Paul II.
and he is the first Slavonic pope in the church history. At his assumption of office's post he is 58 years old and with that the youngest pope of the 20th century for.

Karol Wojtyla keeps his political intellect and behavior also as a pope.
Johannes Paul II
interferes: The Polish leader of the working classes Lech Walesa and the labor union Solidarnosc were supported by the pope at the resistance to the communist regime. It is not least due to the influence of the pope that the political turn in Eastern Europe and the collapse of the world communism proceeded peacefully -- many historians agree today.

A journey joyful pope
Johannes Paul II had about 100 trip abroads.
He has put millions of kilometer back more than 1.1, more than 2,200 was into more than 120 states, has held the world speeches in all languages.
At his second visit in Germany Johannes Paul II spoke
the father Rupert Mayer blissful.
The pope went to Germany 1980, 1987 and 1996.

Presence in the media
On all its journeys the head of the Roman Catholic church is accompanied by the media completely.
The pope seizes party for peace and justice, shows commitment for the human rights, for Christian liberty and for liberty of the other religions.
He fights worldwide for democracy for the dignity of man for the understanding of the peoples and the ethnic groups.
Reconciliation and mutual consideration are important for him.
Replacing the "culture of the death" by a "culture of the life", also this is a concern of his pontificate.
With these topics Johannes Paul II obtains
worldwide recognition and respect.

The assassination of Johannes Paul II.
The Turk Ali Agca tried on May 13th, 1981 to murder the pope. He met him with several shots from a
pistol and injured Johannes Paul II.
heavy. A life and death struggle soon afterwards started in the Roman Gemelli clinic.
The pope won. He addressed the assassin from the sickbed:
"I pray for the brother who has shot at me and whom I sincerely forgive."
Criticism from the own rows
The pontiff supports inner churchly a strictly conservative, sometimes even doctrinal course.
Identical whether it is all about the loosening of the celibacy, the ordination to the priesthood of the woman or all about the birth regulation Johannes Paul II.
remain hard. The hopes for a liberal and modern pope aren't realized, many believers and dignitaries of the Roman Catholic church are sorry for what.

The saint year 2000
It was a great desire of the pope to lead his church over the threshold to the new millennium.
Ram horns rang out in the Petersdom in Rome on December 24th, 1999 shortly before midnight.
After tradition of the Old Testament a jubilee year starts with its sound.
In a solemn service the pontiff opened the saint for gate in the Petersdom.
The saint Year 2000 started.
This year became a great reconciliation and ecumenical movement event.

Long illness
The pope suffers from the Parkinsondeasis in the high age.

He died on the 2. April 2005 at 9:37 p. m. with 84 years .

And the new pope is Benedikt II.

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