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Oxford Street - Referat


Oxford Street is the busiest and most known shopping street in London. It’s a huge shopping street with more than 300 shops and it attracts roughly 200 million people in a year.
In Oxford Street there are a lot of different shops: huge department stores, perfumeries, souvenir stores – almost everything.
The most known department stores are Harrods and Selfridges.
Harry Gordon Selfridges opened his shop for trade in 1909.
Even though Harrods is not in Oxford Street (it’s in Knightsbridge) is it the epitome of high class shopping in London. It’s shopping in another dimension. It offers top quality goods from clothing, over accessories to gourmet food.
It’s told that at times also the Queen is a customer of this special and famous store.
In 1849 Harrods was a little food shop – not least because auf that the “Food hall” is still the heart of Harrods.
In 1883 a part of the house burnt down. Charles Digby Harrods wrote letters to all of his customers and said that the delivery of goods will take two more days. And really – it only needed two more days to hand the goods to the customers.
This was the triumph of C.D. Harrods. Since that time Harrods is the biggest shopping store with more than 220 departments.
The “Liberty’s“ is another important shopping store. It’ was opened by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875 in Regents Street. From the beginning it sold ornaments, fabric and “objets d'art” from Japan. Later it started to sell extraordinary printed stuff.
Other nameable shops are Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and the Burton/Top Shop group.
Oxford Street is about 4 km long. It adjoins to the Marble Arch in the west and to the Tottenham Court Road in the east.
The most known street of London is also very expensive. There are not only souvenir shops for tourists – there are also stores for the rich: Channel, Zara, Gucci and Versace. But those shops aren’t the only attractions which Oxford Street has to offer.
Near the busiest shopping street in London is also the busiest station: The Oxford Circus. More than 53 million people pass through every year.
Another important aspect about the street: The HMV record and multimedia store at Oxford Street is the oldest record shop in the entire world!
Now if you think back: Hundreds of years ago this popular street was a Roman highway. From that time till this day – the Roman highway turned into a high class shopping street.

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