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Nick Hornby - About a boy - Referat

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English Essay

“Don’t read my diary when I’m gone

OK, I’m going to work now ,……when you wake up this morning , please read my diary. ….. Look
through my things , and figure me out.“ Kurt Cobain

In our group work , Nam , Christopher and me had the task to deal with the relationship of Ellie and Marcus. We tried to figure them out , especially Ellie because about her is not told much by Nick Hornby. At least there is given not that lot of information which is given about Marcus- a main character.
So we decided to have a focus on Ellie. That is the reason why we decided to pick also the relationship between Ellie and Kurt Cobain in the front of our presentation although the relationship is only imaginary and only for Ellie important at the most.
So Kurt Cobains diary introduction has also introduced our presentation about Ellie and Marcus.
Kurt Cobain told us that we should figure him out but our first part of our presentation was to figure out Ellie.
Ellie McCrae is a 15 year old girl, what makes her 3 years older than Marcus.
Nick Hornby characterized her as a girl that has a very alternative way of life and dressing style.
She really wants to be different from the other commercial, especially older people. (p.188 ll.23-25)
That is shown by Nick Hornby when Ellie gets into trouble because she refuses to wear the school sweater(p.142 ll.23-26). That shows also that she is very self confident.
Another proof for this is ,that Ellie has a relationship with a 3 years younger boy which is not liked by anybody because of his appearance. Ellie has no prejudices towards other people , that is why she gives Marcus a chance to speak with her after having refused this at the first time. That she spends time with him means to get respect for him.
She said that the world is sexist , racist and full of injustice
(p.228 ll. 4-5),what makes her very likeable for me but she is also complaining every time about everything in the world.

Her appearance is very aggressive ,also from her way of speech but this
seems to be typical for teenagers in the book.
She is fighting for justice in the world ,that is why she defends Marcus against other kids who bully him.
When Marcus´ glasses were removed she helped together with her friend Zoe to get them back for Marcus and so they became friends.
Ellies opinion about older people is very offending. The start for being old is in her point of you the age of 30.The relationship between Ellie and Marcus is often compared with the principle of pet and owner.
Marcus is the pet and Ellie is the
owner who cares for his pet and defends it against enemies.
Marcus takes the part of the learner and Ellie is his teacher.
He learns from her to be self confident and to be “in” without being like everybody else because Ellie is not like everybody else too
On the day of Kurt Cobain's suicide, Ellie throws one of her boots into a shop window because there is a photo of Kurt Cobain in it(p.229 ll.43-49). That is why she and Marcus have to go to a police-station in Cambridge.
Ellies relation to Kurt Cobain is influencing her a lot - when Kurt Cobain is offending towards older people , she is it too. And if he is offending towards the police she will be it too. He seems to be the only one who is able to move her attitudes to other things and he is the only one who is able to impress her.
Marcus and Ellie had on their trip to Cambridge a deep talk about suicide because of Kurt Cobains supposed suicide attempt.(p.228 ll.13) That’s why we have chosen to tell also about Kurt Cobains farewell letter.
In this letter he said finishing that it's better to burn out then to fade away.
Probably this is the most important reason for his attempt. It was a question of being a superstar - not to understand for Marcus or Ellie. At least not without knowing the background facts from his diary and his farewell letter.

All in all the group work was very interesting and successful in my point of you. The analysis of the relationship between Ellie and Marcus and especially my task , the characterization of her was exiting to do.

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