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New york - The big apple - Referat

New York is a big city in the United States of America.
It is on the East Coast of the United States. In the year 1624 the
Dutch founded New York. Today more than eight million
people live in New York. The City is one of the oldest and biggest
cities in North America. The first German immigrants came to New
York at the beginning of the 18th century. Nearly one million Germans
immigranted to America in the years 1842 to 1856, alone in the year 1854 arrived 215000 Germans in new York.

The States
Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island are five parts of New York.
The most famous of these five parts is 21 kilometres long and 4 kilometres
wide, it is called "Manhattan".
In Manhattan are many shops, nightclubs, theatres and museums.
Many New Yorkers live in Brooklyn, Queens and the Staten Island.

One sight you could see in New York was for example the World Trade center,
once the tallest building in the world, built in 1973 as a mighty status symbol
of New York. It was a terrible disaster, when Arab tourists kidnapped four
planes on 11th September in the year 2001.
Two of the four planes crashed into the twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
The people who flew into the towers killed more than 3000 people.
Another sight is the statue of Liberty.
It was a present from the French for the Americans. The statue was built in the year 1886.you can look into the statue and walk up. People who where there says
that it is very interesting. The Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers
are the typical landmarks of New York.
There are other sights too, like Times Square, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue and Broadway.
At the Broadway and Fifth Avenue you can find many famous
and exclusive shops, but in the shops everything is so expensive. Only rich
People can buy something there. The Broadway is the biggest and oldest
street in New York. There is a big and wonderful museum the name of this
museum is "Museum of modern Art". There are the big names of the 19th century
like Picasso or Miro´. You should take a little bit of time to have a good look
at Chagall, Dali and all the other famous artists. The Brooklyn Bridge
is a sight too. It is one of the famous bridges of the world. It is between
Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge was built in 1984 also it is over 20
years old and is the longest bridge in New York!
It is over 80 metres high and over 1 kilometre long.
Under the bridge is the East River. It is a beautiful and famous river!
Central Park is one of the biggest parks .It is located
in Manhattan, between
95th and 110th streets. Over 500 000 trees and bushes were planted there.
In this park the film
"Kevin alone in New York" was filmed. In the middle of the park is a
very good restaurant where you must book three weeks before, if you want to get in.
In the park is a zoo for the children.
In the summer there are often live concerts in the park.
Madonna is often in the park too.

How can you go there?
If you want to go to a museum or another sight you can go there by subway, taxi,
bus or by car , too.
When you go by car, you must have a little bit more time.

My opinion:
I think, New York is a very wonderful and big nice city.
Most of the sights are very big and beautiful.
I think the museum of Modern Art is very interesting and the other museums too.
And the Statue of Liberty I think is very wonderful!
But you must remember that it is better to walk or go by subway than to drive with a car, because the traffic is very dense.
and in New York there are many thieves you must look after your bags
and so on, because they muck your bags and run away....
I think thats one of the bad thing in New York!
Another thing is the pollution in the city and in the air!
For your own it is not healthy to live in a city like New York.
But in New York are many jobs for people who don't
have a job.
I think New York has many good points but
some bad points too!
But for people who love cities and so much people
in one city it is perfectly. And it is good ,
that there are so many shops and so on.
I cant live in a city like this it is too big for me and the
pollution is too much!
I think everyone who likes big cities must go there once to

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