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New York and Montauk lighthouse - Referat

1. name
2. boroughs
3. inhabitants
3.1 immigrants work
3.2 immigration maves
4. important sights
4.1 famous sights in Manhattan
-The Central Park
-The Statue of Liberty
5. streets and avenues
6. Montauk- Long Island – lighthouse

1. name:
• is called city that never sleeps, capital of the world and “Big Apple”

2. boroughs:
• Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx

3. inhabitants:
• 7,4 Mio people live there
• half of inhabitants are immigrants
• come from Far East, Eastern Europe, Indian subcontinent, Caribbean and
Latin America

3.1 immigrants work
• Koreans: organize of corner- grocery businesses
• South-Asian-Americans: act as manager of newsstand or taxi drivers

3.2 immigration waves:
• 1624 300 Dutch Settlers found colony of New Amsterdam
• 1664 British take over colony  rename New York
• 1800 50 % English / Scots, German, Scandinavians
• 1849-50 large number of European immigrants like Irish + German arrive NY
• 1863 Irish ethnic minorities come to NY
• 1889-1924 Millions more immigrants mainly from East Europeans and Italians
• 1920 Blacks from southern States and West Indies
• after 2.WW Puerto Ricans
• 1960s Latin Americans, Asians, Middle East
• 1980s/1990s Russian

4. important sights:
• the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building (443 m tall, 103 floors), Times Square, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, Marcy’s and Bloomingdales department stores, Broadway

4.1 famous sights in Manhattan
-Central Park
• 100 years old
• huge park, in middle of skyscrapers
• men made wildness
• 4 km long, 800 m big
• it’s for nature lovers and sportsmen/women
• there are: trees, statues, lakes, skating
rings, playgrounds, athletic fields
• you can: play chess, do horse back riding, see Shakespeare performances
• visit free concerts
• visit park by horse-drawn-cap
• police with horses and scooters safe park  control dangerous areas

-the Statue of Liberty
• called “miss liberty” or “lady liberty”
• gift from France
• build by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
• 93m tall, 354 steps, crown 7 points- 7 seas
• stand on Liberty Island

5. streets and avenues
• streets run from west to east
• avenues from north to south

6. Montauk- Long Island – lighthouse
• town Montauk is called “The End”
• lie at the eastern tip of Long Island
• the Rolling Stones made this small town famous
• Montauk is officially part of the Hamptons
• every summer lots of famous people like Naomi Campbell, Jay-Z or the Hilton sisters
• lighthouse of Montauk symbolizes American Independence
• originally inhabited by the Montauket Indian the town’s name means “hilly land”
• in 1686, settlers from East Hampton came to raise cattle
• today the town is home to the oldest cattle ranch in the USA
• tourists attracts are clean, sandy beaches and wonderful views
• surfers come here for waves
• the water inspired Peter Brenchley to wrote script Jaws (“Der weiße Hai”)
• everyone knew each other
• beautiful scenery along the way trough Montauk
• Point State Park is beautiful, too : miles of trees, lots of hiking trails, picnic areas
• interesting history
• important to Native American’s, used the hill to light fires to call their warriors to council
• later, lighthouse commissioned in 1796 by first president George Washington
• 1796 lighthouse was the first thing that immigrants saw of the “New World”
• 1886 Statue of Liberty upstage the lighthouse
• lighthouse was a symbol of American Independence

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