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New York - 8.Version - Referat

New York

New York City is in the federal state New York and is at the East Coast of the USA.

The population of the city amounts to almost 8.3 million and is still the most populous city of the USA. The city’s land area is about 800 square kilometres.

For the last two centuries New York City has always been a gateway entering the USA: “More than half the people and goods that ever entered the United States came through New York’s port.”1 This is one of the main reasons why New York has developed to one of the country’s and world’s major economic and financial centres.

Two rivers run through the city: the Hudson River and the East River.

New York City attracts the incredible number of over 30 million tourists every year2 and is thereby the city with the most foreign visitors of the USA.3

Now let’s have a look at the particular boroughs of New York City…


Now let’s have a look at Manhattan.

Manhattan is by far the most famous borough although it is the smallest just about 87 square kilometres. But it is the most populated with about 27,000 people per square kilometre.

In Manhattan there are not only sights but also the city’s economic heart because of the two stock markets and many well-known big companies have their headquarters here or have a branch office here.

I’d like to present you two sights of Manhattan:

1) First of all I present you the “green lung” of New York better known as Central Park. The Central Park is located in Manhattan and takes up 4 per cent of whole Manhattan. It is about 4 kilometres long and 860 metres wide and has a land area of about 3.5 square kilometres.
Every year 25 million visitors come to the Central Park in order to recover or relax but also for many other activities.

2)The One World Trade Center.
It was built between 2006 and 2014 on the famous Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers were located. Its name was Freedom Tower till 2009.
The One World Trade Center is the highest skyscraper of New York City and with its 541.3 metres also the highest of the whole USA and the fourth highest building of the whole world.


Now let’s have a look at Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is southeast Manhattan and has a land area of about 251 square kilometres. About 2.6 million people live there.

The borough was founded by the Netherlanders and has been a part of New York since 1898.

Brooklyn has become an important place for arts: the famous Academy of Music, the Philharmonic Hall and the Brooklyn Museum are located in Brooklyn.

1) Now let’s have a look at the sights of Brooklyn:

The famous Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the oldest bridges of the USA and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. With its 1833 metres it was the longest bridge of the world till 1883. It has six lanes and on floor above it has a pedestrian way and a bikeway.

Brooklyn Bridge quickly became Brooklyn’s landmark and was referred to as bridge of yearning because it leads into the heart of Manhattan and therefore to a chance of better life.

2) Now I go on to show you the Brooklyn Museum.

It is the second largest museum of New York City and one of the oldest and largest of North America. It even has an own subway station!

The museum shows collections of all kinds of cultures as for example Egyptian, Chinese, Korean and Middle Eastern culture. But there are also artworks of the 19th and 20th century.


Now to the next borough of New York: Queens.

On a land area of about 460 square kilometres live about 2,2 million people.

Queens was founded by the British Crown as a colonial city and was named after the Queen at that time.

Queens is a well-known place for movie makers because there are the famous film studios Silver Cup and Kaufmann Astoria.2

But Queens is also known for its music, especially Jazz that was played a lot in the forties.

/> Queens is also considered to be the sporty part of New York because in Queens there is the ballpark of the New York Mets but also the tennis courts of Flushing Meadows where the US Open take place every year.

Also two of the three big airports of New York are in Queens: on the one hand there is the John F. Kennedy International Airport and on the other hand there is the La Guardia Airport – both in Queens.

Now let’s have a look at the sights of Queens:

1) The John F. Kennedy International Airport was named after the assassinated president John F. Kennedy. It is very likely to arrive on the JFK if you fly to New York. About 48 million passengers arrive at this airport every year. It is the sixth biggest airport of the USA and number 9 worldwide.

2) The Flushing Meadows Corona Park is in the north of Queens. Its area is about 5,000 square kilometres and was built for the world exposition 1939-40 and 1964-65.But the Corona Park is also famous for the yearly tennis tournament US Open that takes place in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


Bronx is the most northern borough of New York City and has a landmark of about 150 square kilometres. About 1.4 million people live there.

Bronx is the only borough of the city that is on the mainland.

It is a very multicultural borough because different cultures and people with different nationalities once settled there, for example British, Netherlandish, Irish people and Latinos. That is the reason why there are so many restaurants and delicatessen shops of many different nations and cultures.

In the Bronx you can find many parks and a zoo that is frequently used by the New Yorkers for recovery of stressful working weeks.

1) The Bronx Zoo was built in 1899 and is by far the biggest zoo of New York. Connected to the zoo is a botanical garden.

in the zoo live about 4,300 animals of 765 animal species. You can see animals in the Bronx Zoo that are extinct in the wild.

2) Last but not least I show you the Yankee stadium of the baseball team New York Yankees. The stadium is in the south of Bronx and has about 50,000 seats. The construction of it was priced at 1.5 billion dollars.

Staten Island

Now I’ll show you the last borough, Staten Island.

Staten Island is at the East Coast of the United States and has a land area of about 265 square kilometres. About 500,000 people live there. It is a beautiful holiday destination for tourists throughout the world. Long sandy beaches, many sights and green areas attract a lot of tourists. On Staten Island there are also a lot of old boutiques, boulevards, pubs and restaurants and a lot of old houses of the Victorian era.

1) The Verrazano Bridge was named after the Italian navigator Giovanni Verrazano. It is a two-storied chain bridge with a length of about 1,450 metres and a height of about 212 metres. The bridge connects Staten Island with Brooklyn over the Hudson River. It was built in 1954.

2) And now the last sight of New York: Lady Liberty, also known as Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty is a statue made of copper with an iron skeleton. The statue was a present of the French to the Americans.
Lady Liberty is probably the most famous landmark of the USA but also the most meaningful. It represents freedom, independence and it somewhat symbolises the American Dream. You should never leave New York without having visited Lady Liberty!

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