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New York - 5.Version - Referat

New York

Beginning: Good Morning everybody!
Today I’m going to give a talk about New York. I divided my project in different categories: At first, I’m saying something about New York in general and then something about the five different boroughs, about the history and the cars and streets. After it there’ll be the tourism, the politics and last but not least a special about the Big City Life, the New Yorker’s slang and what they're like.

New York in general:
It has an area of 780 square kilometres. There are nearly 8 Mio. people living. It is on the Atlantic, in the east of the USA and it has five boroughs. It’s not the capital of the USA – this is Washington!
One in four persons has a car, this is because of the bad street system. When New York was built, cars weren't known. They didn't build such broad streets. Now they must use the subway or the bus.
New York is known by the name of “Big Apple”, too.
If you talk about New York, you talk about the state. If you want to talk about the city you must say New York City or NYC for short. Anyway I say 'New York' because it's shorter and easier.
One in three inhabitants isn't born in the USA.

It has an area of 57,4 square kilometres
There are 1,6 Mio. People living, this is 20% of the whole town population
(It’s here)
Sights: There is the Empire State Building, that's an important building for the economy. It is struck by lightning 30 times the year! In South Manhattan, you can find the Skyline. The tourists love it! It has many very high skyscrapers. And there is the Central Park. It has 15 mio. visitors a year, there are 21 playgrounds, more than 38.000 flowers and trees and more than 200 gardeners only for this area. You shouldn't go there at night! It’s too dangerous
Central Park is four square kilometre long and one square kilometre wide. It cleans the dirty air of New York. In good weather you can meet there every New Yorker.
It's started in 1624
Name: It’s not really sure, where the name comes from. Maybe it’s from an old Indian language and means either “hilly country” or “place of the toxication”. This means actually “place of the boozer” or “place where we were boozed”.
Specials: In New York, there is the West Side (People say, here live the intelligent people) and the East Side (People say, here live the rich). The West Side is divided in Upper West Side and Lower West Side. The streets here you call the West Streets.
The East Side is divided in Upper East Side and Lower East Side. The streets here you call the East Streets.
Greenwich Village: In Paris, there is such a neighbourhood, too. It's called “Montmartre”. Greenwich Village is a neighbourhood with many artists and you can have yourself drawn. Here are all the artists at home. There are many pubs and inns, too.
There still exist many other neighbourhoods and interesting things, but I can't talk about them all; They're too many.

It has an area of 313 square kilometres (It’s the biggest)
There live 1,9 Mio. people
(It’s here)
Sights: John F. Kennedy Airport is the biggest airport in the world. Many airplanes have to make a break here. You cross this airport if you fly from Europe to West America or to Ecuador and the countries in the south. It's a central point. In Queens are many historic sights from before the independence war and many parks.
started: 1. 11. 1683, incorporated 1898
Specials: many heavy industries, many foreigners. Some people say, if you go through whole Queens, it would be like going through the world. There are so many different people and different languages. If you go by subway, everywhere you hear foreign languages, when you cross the street, you see people with every possible colour of the skin.

It has an area of 148,7 square kilometres
There live 1.168.000 people
(It’s here)
Sights: It's the only borough which is not on an island, it has the most parks (25% of the whole area). In the Botanical Garden you'll notice many different smells in 27 different gardens. There is also a zoo, started in 1899, there are about 6000 animals living. On its cemetery are many famous dead people, you can visit their grave. In your free time you can go on a boat trip, ride horses or play tennis. By the way: Breakdance and Salsa come from the Bronx.
started: 1816, incorporated 1898
Name: Called after a Swedish emigrant named Jonas Bronck. He was the first settler in 1639
Specials: The Bronx is the hardest, most violent and most dangerous borough. Every day there are fights on the street, robbery attacks, drugs and homicides. The police is always on tour. Don’t go there in the evening!

It has an area of 182,9 square kilometres
There live 2,3 Mio. people
(It’s here)
Sights: There is Brooklyn Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn, 1834m long, built in 1883, was the longest rope bridge in the world. In one neighborhood of Brooklyn there is much art and many ateliers and galleries, you can visit some of the many little theaters and buy expensive things. There is a wonderful cemetery where many important persons are buried like Samuel Morse. It has four ponds and a panoramic view on trees and flowers. In the Botanical Garden are special gardens with plants which grow all over the world. In spring, the people like going here because the cherry trees bloom. In the 19th century, the rich had their summer cottages in Brooklyn.
started: 1635, incorporated 1898
Name: after the Dutch City„Breuckelen“ (Near Utrecht) .
Specials: They have a special character and their own dialect, there are many different people, a bit like a ghetto, most of them are black. When you go there in the evening, you can dance a lot and hear nice music.

Staten Island
It has an area of 150 square kilometres
There live 380.000 people
(It’s here)
Sights: nice houses built in 17th or 18th century, Conference House built in 1680 and the Voorlezer’s House built in 1695. Both buildings are the oldest school buildings in the whole of New York.There is also a zoo with many different animals. Here everybody can find something for himself!
started: 1683, incorporated 1898
Name: Dutch “Staaten Eylandt” (In German “Ständeinsel”)
Specials: There is a free ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island where the tourists like to go, it has suburb character, a bit like in the country and here live the rich, outside the dirty and nasty city.

The first white
people, around 30 Walloon families settle in "Nieuw Nederland", they call their settlement "Nieuw Amsterdam" and sell coat to the Native Americans.
Peter Minuit – a German businessman – buys the Island Manhattan for 24$ from the Native American inhabitants. He is the first mayor.
New York signs the Declaration of Independence. A big fire destroys nearly everything in New York.
New York becomes the capital of the USA for one year.
The Statue of Liberty is dedicated on the 28th of October.
On Ellis Island an emigrant centre is opening. Until to its closing in 1954 there are around 17 million emigrants who arrive in America over Ellis Island.
The five different boroughs are integrated to Greater New York.
The Green Guerrillas turn nasty places into nice gardens where everybody can go.
800.000 people protest against nuclear weapons in the Central Park.
25 years after their dedication the both towers of the World Trade Center fall in on the 11th of September after a terrorist attack. 3000 lives are lost.

Subway: Most people in New York use the subway for going to work. Only pay 1.50$ and you can go to wherever you want. 3,5 Mio. People use the Subway every day. This means: in one year as many people go by subway as people live in china! This is 1/6 of the whole world. The whole subway-net has the length of more than 1000 km
Bus: there’s a bus stop at every second corner in New York. For going by bus, you need more time
than for going by taxi, but it’s much cheaper, too. There are 200 different bus lines.
Taxi: 12.187 taxis are in New York. You call them “Yellow Cab”. They drive everywhere around and
you only have to give a signal with your hand – then a taxi stops for you. It’s usually a bit expensive to travel by taxi, you still must pay the money for the driver, but it’s fast, safe and relaxed.

House numbers in Manhattan
Manhattan is build with a geometrical pattern, so that you can find your way easily. The streets (about 21 km is the longest) go according with upwards house numbers, they begin at Houston Street towards the north. In general avenues go from north to south and streets from east to west. The Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan in East Side and West Side. About 20 apartment buildings correspond to one mile.

If you want to go to New York from Germany, you usually have to fly 7 hours. The first thing you will see is the Statue of Liberty. Then you'll probably land at the John F. Kennedy Airport. It’s the biggest airport in this area, it's in Queens. Queens will also be the first borough you'll see. Now you should take a taxi, because it isn’t very nice to go with all the suitcases in a bus. And, don’t forget, such a flight isn't nice and you’ll have a jet lag.
Well, now you sit in the taxi. You see New York. Maybe your hotel is in Manhattan, then it’s expensive, but central. You should discover Manhattan on foot, because you can't feel the flair of New York when you sit in a taxi.
If you don't want to look like a tourist, you mustn't look up along the skyscraper and admire them! That's what all the tourists do and so everybody can recognize you.

Governing Mayor has been Michael R. Bloomberg from the Republicans since 2002. He is born on the 14th of February in 1942. Before him, Rudolph Giuliani was mayor. He is from the Republicans, too. In 2005, the New Yorkers returned him to office with 58%. Some people say, he wouldn't be able to be mayor, because he's only rich and didn't learn anything.

Big City Life
Every New Yorker has 20$ in his pocket, if somebody tackles him. In most cases they only want to have the money, but if you haven’t got the money, they can become violent.
You meet beggars and poor people everywhere and you can’t give money to all of them. New York is a city with big differences. In front of a modern skyscraper you might see a very lonely man, going to the dogs.
Either you'll love this city or you'll hate it. This is because you need a special character to love it. Most people hate it.
In New York, you can always do everything. People call the USA “the country with the endless opportunities”. The city is always in action, in stress, people run around and the subway is full of passengers. There isn’t any quiet minute, even in the night. Because there live so many people, the streets are always full. You can't cross a crossroad with a car between six o'clock am and ten o'clock pm. Anyway the taxi drivers try it every day.
Often there are drug bands who shoot at each other. Watch out and run away for calling the police, if this happens. Don’t try to go between the fighting men – they kill you before you can say: “Stop!”. Of course you shouldn’t either go in areas like Bronx if you’re only a tourist! Sometimes there are real policemen who say to you: “Stop, don't go here, it's too dangerous!” You should follow their advice.
If you are in New York, you'll often hear something, you don't understand. When the subway leaves the station, they say: “watchaclasendors”, what means “watch the closing doors” or “cnelpju” which means “Can I help you”. Often you can ask somebody what that means.

Reiseknow-how NY
Kulturschock USA
New York, New York!

How many people live in New York?
What am I talking about exactly, if I'm talking about 'New 'York'?
How many boroughs has New York?
Where comes the name 'Manhattan' from?
What's the name of this big airport in Queens?
Why shouldn't you go in the Bronx in the evening?
What's the name of this long rope bridge in Brooklyn?
Between which both boroughs drives this free ferry?
When came the five boroughs together to Greather New York?
There are three kinds of moving in town. Which are they?
What shouldn't you do if you don't want to look like a tourist?
What is the name of the governing mayor?
What means „watchaclasendors“?

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