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The Empire State building ist a skyscraper. It has 103 floors and 1576 steps. It is 381 meters high. It was the highest building of the world, since 1972. Empire State ist also the pointed name of the federal state New York.
Macy's was created 1858 as R.H. Macy's company. The founder was the former whaler Rowland Hussey Macy. The companies logo is a red star. As tradition of Macy's since 1927 is a parade for the thanksgiving party and at the fourth july they celebrate the independence day with large fireworks.
The Times Square in New York is designated after the newspaper Nex York times. At the 8.april 1904 the 'longacre square' renamed, after the name 'Times square'. The Times square ticker shows the newest news as a big scrolling text.
At Chinatown there are 10.000 chineses. It's like an little town in china. There are many places with an other nationality, for exaple: little Italy and little india.
The brooklyn bridge is the oldest stealing suspension bridge, before the cars were invented. It took 16 years long around bridge to build. At this time, it was the largest stealingbridge. The builders Johannes August Röbling ans his son Washington came from germany. Johannes Röbling die, because he had a tetanuspoisoning and Washington Röbling had since 1872 a compressed air illness. 20 other worker died at this project. The bridge connects Mannhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge is 1091 meters long.
The Statue of liberty was at the 28. october 1886 inaugurated. It was a friendship gift from france for the united statesof america. The statue called Miss Liberty and Lady Liberty, too. She stand on the Liberty Island.
The World Trade Center (small: WTC) means of german 'Welthandelszentrum' It was a building complex in Manhattan. They were 2 towers. And at the 11. september 2001, a terror attack destroyed the 2 towers
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