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Nettball - Referat


Netball is a teamís sport. In a team play in summer outdoors 7 players and in winter in the hall 5 players. One of the players is a Wicker guardian. Just as in the handball there is a circle which only the wicker guardian may enter. This circle is in the distance of 3 metres around the basket on a 2, 50 m high pole in the middle stands. Further there is a 6 metre circle in the free kick. The 3 metre circle only the wicker guardian is allowed. Netball is mostly played by girls and women. The smallest begin in Mini 10, then follows Mini 12. In The Mini teams can play even boys too. After the Mini 12, girls at the age of13 and 14 play together. After the pupils follows the youth. Then at the age of 18 years the youngsters get in the womenís team.

Now to the rules:

-There are two different kinds of play: Man covering and space covering.
-The player may run three steps with the ball, bounce once and repeat
three steps. Then the ball must be further-played.
-The ball may not be kept longer than three seconds.
-The ball may not be played with the foot.
- After hitting the basket the play begins again from the centre line.


Mayas played with one ball. Only shoulder or hip might touch the ball. It was difficult to hit the basket, which was 10 metres high, with the ball. The problem was that the basket was hit only after a period of days. Dr. James, from Springfield, invented to play netball only by hands, because its much easier. Since the late sixties (1967) netball is played in Germany, too.

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