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Nebraska - Referat

Nebraska is one of the 51 states of america, located in west north central states. Nebraska was accepted as state no. 37 of the US in the year 1867. It´s a typical agricultural state and still at the beginning of the 20th century it was one of the leading producers of agricultural products, the service industry as well as the industry itself is the biggest economy in Nebraska. The name of Nebraska comes from the language of the sioux which means flat or large water. The most important cities belonging to it are: Omaha, Grand Island and the capital Lincoln.
Nebraska has a total surface of 200.356 squarekilometers, it´s the 16th biggest state of the USA .
The western part (Dissected Till Plains) was covered by icebergs during the ice-age.
Here later the area became fruitfull.
All rivers of Nebraska end in the Missouri.
It has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters the average temperature of the year is about 10.6 degree Celsius. There is only a little temperature difference among the areas.
In summer time warm air is coming up there from the golf of mexico, so many thunderstorms happen there. Sometimes the agriculture suffers from dryness.

As there is not much rain, only 2% of its surface are covered by forests. The most popular trees are: oaks, walnuts and poplars.

Some of the animals living in Nebraska are: koyotes, antilopes, foxes, badger and prairie hounds. More than 100 years ago there lived a lot of buffalos but today there are nearly no buffalos any more.

Nebraska has oil and gas. The farm industry produces 11% of the states gross products. The farms are covering 95% of the state. Besides the cows there are a lot of pigs and poultry. They plant corn, sojabeans, rye, beans and potatoes there.

1,73 million people are living in Nebraska which means about 9 persons per squarekilometer. 90% of the population are whites, 4% blacks plus 15.000 Indians and 22.000 Asians.

Nebraska has a well developped schoolsystem with 14 states universities and 24 private universities. It is well known for its leasuretime facilities because of its lakes.

It was the Spanish discoverer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who arrived there as the first European in 1541. At that time there were living all Indians.
After world war the second the farm industry began booming. There were a lot of damms set up to make sure there was water enough. The farmers improved their planting and because of that the numbers of employees became less. Many of the employees found a job in the oil industry then.

Some facts:
- Present governor: Mike Johanns (republic) until January 2007

- Present senators: Charles Hagel (republic), Ben Nelson (democrat) until January 2007

-Member of US since 1.03.1867

-Motto: Equality before the law

-State Symbols: flower; goldenrod (1895), fish; channel catfish (1997), American folk dance;
square dance (1997), ballad;
“A Place Like Nebraska” (1997), tree; cottonwood (1972), bird;
Western meadowlark (1929), insect; honeybee (1975), gemstone;
blue agate (1967), rock; prairie agate (1967), fossilL; mammoth (1967), song; “Beautiful Nebraska (1967), soil; typic argiustolls, holdreges series (1979), mammal; whitetail deer (1981), grass;
little bluestem (1969), beverage; milk (1998)

-Nicknames: Cornhuker State (1945), Beef State

-10 largest cities (2000): Omaha; 390:007, Lincoln; 225.581, Bellevue; 44.382, Grand Island; 42.940, Kearney; 27.431, Fremont;

-Famous people: Grace Abbott/social worker, Bess Streeter Aldrich/author,
Grover Cleveland Alexander/baseball player, Fred Astaire/dancer and actor, Max Bear/boxer, Bil Baird/puppeteer, George Beadle/geneticist, Marlon Brando/actor, William Jennings Bryan/political leader, Warren Buffett/investor, Johnny Carson/TV host, Willia Cather/author, Dick Cavett/TV entertainer

-Sights: Chimney Rock/Bayard, Doorly Zoo/Omaha, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery/Lincoln, University of Nebraska State Museum/Lincoln, State Capitol/Lincoln, Museum of Nebraska Art/Kearney

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