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Native art - Referat


Prehistoric people all over the world painted and carved pictures on rocks. Painted images, figurative drawings or pictures representing a word are called pictographs. Carved imagines are called petroglyphs. Native Americans were not different. They left markings on rocks. We are not really sure why these markings were done… maybe to mark time… perhaps to pass messages on to other people, but probably to mark a good hunting place. The rocks were painted with stones and charcoal, because the Native American didn’t have pencils, paper or a camera for recording their experiences and memories. So they left markings, drawings and paintings on rocks for other people that live after them.

It’s suspected that first pictures were drawn 10 000 years before Jesus Christ. In those days rock painting wasn´t for decorating houses, because the Native American didn´t live in caves, they painted pictures in. Anyway it wasn´t an expression of free-time-activity.
On the pictures mainly animals were painted (to 92%), that were caught. In real 15% of these animals-images are hurt animals, so the animals stood together with the term “booty”. 30% Of the paintings show wild horses and another 30% show wild cows, followed by deer with ca. 10% and mammoths with 10%, too. Very seldom drawings were seen with birds, fishes, wild pigs and wolves.


The Totem poles were made of wood. From the wood they made different figures e.g. eagles or owlets. The Americans used the Totem Poles rituales

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