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Native Americans - Referat


Many Native Americans believed in something supernatural. They thought that behind every appearance were evil or good spirits and everything had a soul. Every Native American wanted to find a personal guardian spirit, which helped him if he was on the hunt or if he had a cold. When he searched this spirit he left his house. He hoped that he would find him in a dream.
In this time he ate nothing and waited. It wasn’t important what he saw, it was only important when it happened. The spirit could be a bird, a dog or something else.

You could think that the Native Americans had many gods, but that wasn’t so. They had only one god, but the many groups of Native Americans called them different names.
The Native Americans weren’t lazy. They were busy and worked a lot! But the had time to dream, to pray and for meditations, too. These were very important parts on their lives. They had respect for their environment. When it was dark they often looked at the stars and called them names. Different stars had different meanings.
Every day when they woke up they walked to a river to take a shower. But they walked alone and their faces pointed to the east.

Native American Art

The Native Americans made many beautiful things with something they found next to their houses. They used wood, sand, clay (Ton) and everything what they found. Usually the women made this. The different tribes made different things, so it was important, where the lived.

Very many tribes made baskets. They put different things in these baskets, par example foot or water. There were very big baskets and small ones. And these baskets looked nice, too. They used colours painted.

But that wasn’t all. Some Native Americans made pots and masks. These masks are used since many years. There were masks for women and masks for men, but all they used wood, hair and some other things.

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